“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” is a quote by Nelson Mandela, a distinguished personality worldwide. It is absolutely true that education makes a person different, educated people have a larger knowledge base and can innovate new ideas which can benefit the society as a whole. The future of any country depends on the students who learn, play, work and finally become young adults who eventually become responsible citizens. All these developments can only take place when children are educated in the best possible manner.

Education system and infrastructure needs to be at par with the modern world and also make sure that students benefit from them, although it depends from school to school and the environment. Modernity is supported by the whole world because it makes life a lot easier but does it really benefit everyone. The question remains unanswered as technology among schools in India is still in its nascent stages. The reason behind this fact is that, in India teachers and parents believe that education can be best imparted by a teacher only and not a computer. Technology is a human’s creation and people don’t need to be slaves to it.

Technology has been a major riding force in India as a whole but education is the core wealth which cannot be dissipated just for the use of modern technology. In earlier times the mode of education was a teacher-student link which cannot be replaced by computers. There is a good reason behind such thinking: can computers understand a child’s psychology- no, can it make a child learn the concepts-no, is using a computer completely beneficial-no. Students are naïve and need guidance rather than technology in their hands.

Among schools in Delhi and other parts of the country as well students are technology fans and forget the importance of studies. Technology cannot be completely blamed but its usage at school level is not an appropriate idea because it becomes a distraction for the students and teachers. Modernity is appreciated however; it cannot replace old teachings and understanding. It takes ages to make an image and the teacher-student relationship is also like that, children cannot take care of themselves unless equal attention by a teacher is provided to all of them.

In foreign, high schools and schools the environment and thinking of students and teachers is way different than that of both in India. Embracing technology can make it easy for teachers but students won’t gain completely from it. They will understand the technology more rather than their subject and it will create a huge problem for the school too. Thus it’s highly imperative for India to embrace the new form of education immediately. It surely has the benefit of providing a good knowledge base but other factors also need to be kept in mind before zeroing on any one technology.

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