Did you know that your drive or inner motivation is effectively just a contraction of motive and action? It is the inner driving force, which compels you to take action and if it is to be effective, must come from within. When your motive to take action comes from within and is driven by a compelling internal image, not some obscure travel poster in your external environment, the offer of a big bonus or any other external stimuli, you do not completely identify with, it will be fleeting at best.


As you know, when the motivation is from any external source, the desire and drive to keep taking action will gradually fade away, as though it never existed in the first place. If you truly want to succeed on a grandiose scale, then you must be motivated from within or said differently you must be “IN SPIRIT” or inspired by a crystal picture of possibility and know why the goal you want to achieve is important to you. So if you want to finally invite meaning and fulfilment into your experience and you are committed to become a peak performer, you must find your “Motive for Action” from within.

Research I have studied over the past five years has shown me that super achievers, who have inner drivers where they seek to help others, leave a legacy, invite excellence into their lives or become independent, are far more powerful drivers, than a desire for wealth, status or recognition. All the super achievers I have interviewed have all stated that when they were focused on winning wealth or looking for recognition, they achieved small successes. The floodgates really opened for them, when they changed their focus from their own selfish needs and instead focused on reasons bigger than themselves, as their motivation.

One of the greatest predictors, of their potential as found by Behavioural Scientists was someone independent desire for excellence. Yes of course you need to consistently take action every day to succeed. So why would your motive to take action be more important than the actions themselves? It all comes down to challenge, obstacles or setbacks. If you do not have a strong enough internal driver or powerful internal motive driving you to perform the actions you need to take to succeed. As soon as you encounter any challenges, obstacles or setbacks, which are inevitable on any success journey, you will simply stop taking those actions altogether.

Wealth is a bonus

People like Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Estee Lauder, Walt Disney and Oprah became exceptionally wealthy, but their primary drivers were never personal wealth. They all had a powerful driving force within them, which drove them to excellence. Wealth was merely a by-product of their desire to produce excellence and deliver the very best, which was within them. They all sought inner satisfaction and were not driven by the need to selfishly accumulate money. Their applause came from with; they did not need to hear the praise of the people around them. There is no greater motive to action than comes from your inner heartbeat and the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Love what you do

To remain inspired in the long term, you must love what you do and the ideas you pursue. If you do not completely love an idea or concept, do not waste your time and energy on it. You can only be in tune with or inspired by an idea or concept that completely resonates with you. If you try to motivate yourself with external stimuli, but you do not completely love an idea, you will never remain inspired or driven to bring the idea to life. To remain inspired, focus on all the things you love about that specific project, task, lifestyle or whatever it is, and it will seem effortless.

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