If you feel like you have been hitting your head against a brick wall and life is turned against you this a good article for you. Karmic relationships are created by our souls to help us make good on a situation we participated in another life time. We might have hurt another person in some way and here we are in this life time being hurt for reasons we can't explain. Perhaps there is a reason that started before we were born.

Below is a check list to help you process karma with intent. Any thing that we do willing is easier for us to move through. We may still have difficulty but at least we are making an attempt to right any wrongs.

1. Each morning create an intention to be aware of unconsciously or consciously of individuals you have out standing debt with. You can get this info through your dreams or by meditating.

2. Meditate with your guides and ask them to help you have some clues as to who they are and what sort of pain and suffering you might have caused them in the past.

3. Create an intention to connect to your highest guardian angel and then to their highest guardian angel. Ask their highest guardian angel how you can make up for any pain and suffering you caused them with intention or not.

4. Make a list of all the individuals you think you have debt with. Only meditate on one a day. Maybe even one a week. Some times it takes a while to actually get a response and be in a position to apologize to their soul and let that piece go.

5. Reflect on this life time and any one you might have disappointed or hurt either intentionally or not.
Again connect to their highest guardian angel through your for a talk. Speak your heart, then give them time to "speak" theirs. How did the pain you caused carry through in their life? How has this pain affected them to this day?
Ask them if they can forgive you. If not ask what can you do now to make up to them.

6. If it is reasonable try to do it.

When you have paid your debts this life time and other life times it is easier to be in balance and harmony. Your relationships are more dharmic than karmic. Which is a lot more joyful!
As one of my delightful hypnosis teachers says "stay in love". See more info at www.marveena.com

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