If you are preparing for the MPPSC exam or want to start, then you have come to the right page because on this page we have shared all the information about the preparation of MPPSC exam. prepare for mppsc exam with Mppsc Coaching in Indore

Madhya Pradesh government releases new recruitment every year for the posts of MPPSC. There is a golden opportunity every year for the unemployed candidates by the Madhya Pradesh government. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has issued a notification for the eligible candidates for recruitment.

In this post, the complete information about the MPPSC exam is given in detail. You should get to know about the Syllabus of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission and prepare Mppsc on this basis, you will get success.

Before starting the preparation for MPPSC exam, it is very important to have all the knowledge of MPPSC exam.

The MPPSC exam is completed in three stages and we will go through the details of the syllabus of the three phases below.
• MPPSC Prelims Exam
• MPPSC Mains exam
• MPPSC Interview

MPPSC Prelims Exam
MPPSC Preliminary Examination consists of two papers General Studies and two papers of General Interest.

Both papers are of 200 numbers and for each paper you get 2 hours.

This is your first step to clear MPPSC EXAM and if you can clear this exam then only your second paper of MPPSC PRELIMS EXAM is CHECK. SYLLABUS is given below for the preparation of this paper.

If you pass the first paper of MPPSC Preliminary Examination in General Studies only then your second paper is CHECK, in which you must get at least 33% number.

After passing both the papers of MPPSC Preliminary Examination (MPPSC PRELIMS EXAM) your MERIT LIST will be made and if you are selected in MERIT LIST then you pass for MPPSC MAINS EXAM and you must give the second stage EXAM.

General Studies:
All the questions in this paper will be of general knowledge, which are asked in all the exams, for this you will have to work hard because its syllabus is a bit big but if you study hard for 6 months, then you will be able to settle in the exam easily.

• History of India and independent India - National Movement and development of independent India, history has questions related to general knowledge related to social, economic, and political aspects.
• Geography - It will include Indian agricultural and natural resources and Indian Demographic and Census, Geography of India, physical, social and economic, are common questions of geography.
• General Science and Environment - In General Science and Environment (environmental ecology, biodiversity, and climate change) questions related to daily or everyday observation and experience.
• Current events of national and international importance - In this, the knowledge of the major national and international level will be tested.
• Indian Politics and Economy - It contains questions related to the political system and constitution of the country, Panchayati Raj, social system, sustainable economic development, elections, political parties, schemes, industrial development, foreign trade, economic and financial institutions etc.
Sports - There will be questions related to the major sports and sports competitions, awards, personalities, and prestigious sports institutes played in Madhya Pradesh, India, Asia, and the world.
• Scheduled Castes and Tribes - Protection of Human Rights Act - 1993 (Prevention of Atrocities Act) 1989 (33 of 1889) and Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955 (22 of 1955)
• The politics and economy of Madhya Pradesh - In this, questions will also be asked on industry, schemes, economic programs, trade, demographic, and census of Madhya Pradesh. There will be questions related to political system of Madhya Pradesh, political parties and elections, Panchayati Raj, social system of Madhya Pradesh, sustainable economic development.
• Information and Communication Technology - This will include questions related to characterization, usage and glossaries such as websites, online search engines, e-mail, video mail, chatting, video conferencing, hacking, cracking, computer viruses and cybercrime.
• Geography, history, and culture of Madhya Pradesh - Contribution of famous dynasties in the history and culture of Madhya Pradesh, tribes, art, architecture, fine arts and historical persons will also have questions on the development of mountains, rivers, climate, flora, fauna in the geography of Madhya Pradesh. There will be questions related to minerals, transportation. Prepare for mppsc prelims exam with mppsc coaching in indore.

General interest:
This is the second paper, which is in the second shift on the same day after the first paper, the numbers in this paper are not included in the merit list of the main examination, it is only necessary for you to pass, so it does not need to study much.

To get lost, you need to bring at least 33% number in the exam and for which you can prepare the old paper by solving it. Its syllabus is small which is given below.

• Comprehensibility
• Basic numbering (numbers and their relation, order of detail, etc. up to tenth standard level), interpretation of data (charts, graphs, tables, sufficiency of data etc. up to class XII)
• Decision Making and Problem Solving
• General mental ability
• Interpersonal skills including communication skills
• Logical skills and analytical ability
• Hindi language comprehension skills at class XII level

You must have understood the information of MPPSC Prelims exam, what are syllabus and how the exam is done, now we will see about the MPPSC Main Exam (MAINS EXAM) below.

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