Michelle Obama is taking a star turn about putting salad bars into schools. One look at the cast of characters supporting this idea makes it obvious the salad bar hype isn’t about health or children or anything else one can praise. This misbegotten idea is about control

Let’s look at this.

• The abysmal nutritional value of today’s school lunches is mandated by the federal government. If nutrition is the goal here, the first step should be getting rid of the heavy burden of regulations that make good nutrition impossible. But, no.

• The salad bar idea adds to the problem. Salad bar foods are sprayed with sulfites to keep everything from turning brown. A lot of people can’t handle sulfites, some of them going into anaphylactic shock where the airways to the lungs shut down; death is imminent unless Johnny-on-the-spot is there with an epi-pen. The rest of the sensitive kids just get sharp stomach cramps and diarrhea, and how much fun is that?

• And salad dressings are almost always made from soy oil. Now the government loves soy; they subsidize soy growers to the tune of billions of dollars a year. But our bodies don’t love it. Soy shuts down the thyroid, causes kidney stones, sucks the minerals we need out of our bodies, sends its aluminum to the brain and stokes us up with bogus estrogen, which leads to PMS, moobs and other disasters. Including breast and prostate cancer.

And there’s more! Soy, because it’s a big time player in omega 6 misbehavior, also causes inflammation, the beginning of every deadly disease we face.

• And the milk our school kids get–and will continue to get–comes chock-a-block full of antibiotics and, again, bogus estrogen. One result is that testosterone levels and sperm counts have taken a steep, deep nosedive in the last forty years or so.

And the milk comes from soy and corn fed cows. Which–adding to the antibiotic and hormone problems–means the nutrition is turned upside down. Instead of healthy omega 3 fats, we get omega 6, the king of inflammation. And with the life boiled out of it, pasteurized milk isn’t healthy, in any case.

Did you know pus is an acceptable ingredient, according to our government, in factory-farm milk? Yum!

• And the salad bars will probably offer the same artificial cheese currently seen on school-lunch pizza. How does feeding kids with chemicals never seen in nature improve their health?

• Then there’s that cast of characters strutting and puffing about this big, new idea. One member is the Canned Food Alliance. If they’re so interested in health, why do they line their cans with synthetic estrogen that causes little girls to reach puberty a day or two after potty training, boys to go through life with low testosterone, women to suffer through PMS leading to breast cancer and men to grow breasts leading to prostate cancer?

• Not to mention the American Diabetes Association that stonewalls all the solid evidence about cures for Type 2 Diabetes (easy cures, I might add). They prefer the patient-for-life approach that leads to blindness, amputations and early death. Am I to believe they celebrate health?

• And how about the American Heart Association? They still push the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease when research put a nail in that coffin long since. And their diet for heart patients is a disaster, so how can we trust them with our kids’ diet?

• The American and National Cancer Societies are not pro-health, either. As I mentioned, soy is a big player in the breast and prostate cancer scene, but these folks can’t find it in their hearts to say so. Or to point even a pinky finger at any of the other health monsters we face.

Virtually every health-based non-profit is political. Health has nothing to do with anything. Don’t believe what they write and don’t give them money when they ask.

This salad-bar business is bogus.

Besides that, where does Mrs. Obama get off telling other parents how to raise their children? Perhaps she never heard the phrase “home of the free.” If she did, she was never proud of it. Else, why is she trying to destroy our freedoms? Especially with such a bad, unhealthy idea?

To sum up: Ditch the salad bar idea, get rid of the burdensome school-lunch government regulations and put school lunches up for local bids from private companies. No big players need apply. We have to get back to local control if we value the education and health of our children.

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Bette Dowdell is all about factual health information. If you want to say good-bye to fatigue, prevent dread diseases and slow down aging, you have to give your body ammunition to fight the good fight. And the number one source of ammunition is NOT meds, but vitamins and minerals.

Bette had to research her way out of a big health ditch when doctors didn’t help. It took years, but her results topped the charts.

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