My Boyfriend Just Left Me but I Still Love Him: My Boyfriend Left Me Suddenly Without Having a Fight

The words "my boyfriend just left me" could be devastating to any girl. It is quite difficult to handle rejection. Just when you thought everything was fine, something like this crops up. Some couples even have recurrent problems that eventually lead to a break up. But whatever caused your boyfriend to break up with you, it still is a difficult situation to deal with.

Well, what has happened has happened, but what needs to happen in the future is more important now. And what is about to happen is totally in your hands. You can literally shape your future by what you choose to do now. You basically have two choices. You can have a pity party and cry about how you are a victim of your circumstances. Or else, you can determine to get your boyfriend back no matter what. The choice and its consequences are up to you.

The first thing that you need to remember is that he was attracted to you once. And that means you can make it happen again. All you need to do is learn how to make it happen. He might have rejected you now, and your self worth might have hit rock bottom. But think of this as just a temporary set back. What you are about to do will make you irresistible to him all over again.

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The first thing you need to do is get honest with yourself and try to understand what made him leave you. If it was something you did, then you know right away where the problem lies. If it was because he got attracted to another girl, even then you got to see what it is that you didn't do which she did to attract your boyfriend. Some girls become too casual and don't pay attention to their looks once they get close to their boyfriends. Often married women too make this same mistake. They assume that their looks don't matter any more since they have their man. But you should never take your relationship for granted. As long as you don't violate your values or cross your limits, you need to do what you can to look attractive to your boyfriend. So focus on your short comings and learn from your mistakes.

Lastly, focus more on your role in the relationship and the reasons behind the breakup. Don't mull over it in a negative manner, but analyze what went wrong objectively. If you look hard enough, you will be able to spot a few wrinkles that need to be straightened out in the relationship. Work on them alone before meeting your boyfriend. Make sure that that trait is completely erased from your personality. Then when you are through, get ready to meet your man. He will be surprised at the change. If you had done a honest review of yourself and done a complete makeover, then he will begin to desire what he sees. That is when the road to recovery begins.

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Do you want your ex boyfriend back? Lots of people think this is strange, but text messages can actually be very effective at getting your ex back. This is because they aren't as needy as actual phone calls. See, men hate neediness. So, if you want your ex boyfriend back, you will have to stay on the down-low and use your texts to attract him in a subtle manner instead.

Aside from being less needy, text messages are also great at creating an air of curiosity and mystery - two things that tend to attract men big time. Of course, if you have no idea how to use texts effectively to begin with, though, you could ruin your chances of winning your ex boyfriend back, as well. So, how can you phrase your texts right and actually win your ex back in the end? Well, for starters, you will need to avoid sending him these kinds of texts:

1. Empty Text Messages

These messages that only say things like "Hi" or "How are you" are considered to be empty text messages because they don't have any value in them. Think about it. Once your ex replies to texts like that, how will the conversation flow? If you already know how you want the conversation to flow, then start that way instead of starting with meaningless and useless greetings.

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2. Needy Text Messages

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, then you need to avoid needy messages like the plague. Here are some examples of the needy text messages: "What are you up to right now?" "Have you gone on any dates recently?" "Why don't you ever reply to my texts?" and "Why don't you want to talk to me?"

3. Desperate Text Messages

Although very similar to one another, desperate text are a bit different compared to needy text messages, in that desperate text are on the borderline of begging for attention. Here are some examples: "I will do whatever you want me to just to get you back." "Please take me back." "You are my life." and "I promise I will change for you."

So, if you want your ex boyfriend back and want to get him back through text, you have to make sure that you are no longer emotional over the breakup and have a calm state of mind before you text him to begin with.

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Step #1: Change, and be your best self- Your ex will not even want you back unless you have changed, inside and out! So work on improving your bad habits etc.. and especially don't you dare even try to miss hitting the gym! You must look and be your absolute best, if you are expecting to get your ex back.

Step #2: Ignore your ex- This trick will make your ex literally stalk you, because he/she wont be able to stand the fact that you are no longer paying him/her any attention. You see, as long as you give your ex everything he/she wants (your time, affection, attention...etc...), without him/her having to commit to you, your ex wont take you back. So stop making yourself available to your ex.

Step #3: Start dating someone your ex knows- Make sure that this is someone your ex is very close to. This will literally throw it in your ex's face that he/she is losing you. As well, it will make your ex so jealous that he/she will instantly be seeking your time, attention etc... just to be able to get you back. Your ex will not be able to stand the idea of you with anyone else, especially someone he/she knows, so use this to finally make your ex chase you.

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How to Act Around Your Ex Boyfriend & Make Him Like You Again

Play it cool

You don't want to seem too eager or nervous. This will prove to be a lot easier said than done, but if you show your ex that you miss him, or that you're eager to see him, it gives him the control. Suddenly he knows that he can have you back whenever he wants to, so why rush? You have to play it cool and keep control of your emotions.

Quick hello, quick goodbye

If you're in a position where you find yourself talking to him, keep it brief. Say hello, ask him how he is and then say goodbye. If you linger too long in the conversation, the chances of you saying something you should come into play. So just keep it brief, smile to let him know you're okay with the situation, and politely walk away.

Introduce them to your "new friend"

This doesn't have to be your new boyfriend, but it never hurts to lead him to believe that it is. This lets him know that not only are you okay with the breakup, but you've moved on and you're happy. You don't want him to think that you're missing him, or just waiting for him to come back.

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A little busy right now

Every now and then he will try to make an effort to spend some time with you. If he does, politely tell him you're busy and encourage him to pick another time. If you give in right now, it shows that you have nothing better to do than wait for him to make plans. This gives him control again, so avoid it at any cost.

Avoid eye contact

Eyes are the window to the soul, and if he knows you half as well as you think he does, he'll be able to read you like an open book when you look into his eyes. You may be able to keep your cool under pressure, but your eyes will tell another story.

Don't leave on his account

If you happen to show up and he's there, the worst thing you can do is leave on his account. It lets him know that being around him still gets an emotional response out of you, and you don't want him to know that. So stay, but keep your distance from him.

Let his friends know you're okay

Talk to a few of his friends; let them know you're doing just fine. More than likely, the second you're not around, they'll go to him and tell him everything you said. So when you do talk to them, let them know that everything is okay in your life and you're happy where you are.

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