My Ex Broke My Heart: My Boyfriend Broke My Heart but I Still Love Him

Break ups can be very hard to accept especially if you are the one who got dumped. If you feel that your man is "the man" for you and you want to get him back here is what you need to do.

Get your confidence up
Firstly, it's obvious that your confidence and ego has taken a big blow because you got dumped. If you want your ex back you cannot allow this to happen. So don't think that he is too good for you or that you are not good enough for him.

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Change the way you look
Sometimes just making some external changes helps in feeling a lot more confident. Go and get an extreme makeover. Get hair extensions or a new hair color that will make everyone turn around and take notice of you.

Work out why you broke up
You also need to think about the reasons behind your break up. Analyze objectively why you broke up and what are the things that your ex blamed you of. Work on changing those things about yourself. Take professional help if you feel like you are not being able to handle things.

Don't get desperate
Don't get desperate and act in this state of desperation. You need to be calm and collected and not make a move in a fit of excitement. Let your ex see you as a mature person who doesn't let a break up destroy her. When he sees you being cool he will wonder why you are not going crazy. That will get his attention.

Get back into his radar
After letting some time pass get back onto his radar. Through your actions show him that you are a changed person. Don't act too giggly around him. Act as if he doesn't affect you and you will see that he is taking an interest in you.

Don't look interested for a relationship
Talk to him and get to be his friend again. Never appear too desperate around him or don't try to please him. But let him know conversationally that you have changed because of him and that you value him as a friend. Once he sees this change he gets interested in you as you are easily replacing him.

Become his friend
Accept his offer of being friends and show him how much of a good time he can have with you. Once he sees that you have truly changed he will want to get back with you once again. Now don't rush into the relationship again. Make him wait it out and soon you will find yourself back in a relationship with him.

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Though you have been through a devastating breakup in your relationship, it does not mean that you can't get your ex back if you still love him. The fact that both of you were not devoid of hurt feelings and emotions, means that the feelings and love for each other run pretty deep. Here are some exciting tips that will make you very attractive to your ex.

Wear the type of clothes that will turn him on instantly
You know what his tastes run into as far as clothes and style goes so use this knowledge and turn him on! Wear classy and sexy stuff that makes him ogle you and stare at you all over again. Look innocent and guileless so that he is not aware of what you are up to.

Look stunningly beautiful
The more beautiful you look, the more he is going to wonder if he made the right decision in giving you up. No matter how difficult it may seem, make sure you are a tantalizing eyeful every time you endeavor to be around him. If you manage to get the attention of other men while you are at it - good!

Ignore him while flaunting your new admirers
The more male admirers you have around you, the more he will find himself watching you. He will not be able to help himself. The fact that you are no longer attached to him and are free to bask in the admiration of other guys will bug him no end and he will find himself getting attracted to you all over again.

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Talk about your new ventures
There is no need to ignore him completely. While you can, let him know that you wish to still be friends with him. Talk about things in general and do not allow the conversation to be steered to personal things. In fact, talk about all the new exciting ventures you are into and he will start getting jealous and attracted against his will.

Look thrilled with your new found freedom
If you can manage to look thrilled and relieved to be out of the relationship and "single" again, you will make him really jealous and even angry to think that you are not crying your heart out for him. Make sure that your walk matches your talk and he sees you having a good time with others.

A little bit of jealousy goes a long way
Sometimes all it needs is to make him a little jealous. He is used to having you gaze at him with lovesick eyes and looking absolutely miserable after the break up. This is why he should see you going out and even dating another guy who looks really terrific! The fact that you have gotten over him will make him want you back.

Be sweet, forgiving and desirable
Another way to attract your ex is to show him that no matter what he did, you are not going to change being who you are - sweet, forgiving, and adorable. Prove that your traits and qualities were solid gold and make him regret not having you in his life anymore.

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So many broken relationships have been healed and couples are getting back together more in love with each other than before! If you want this to become true in your life and you can't wait to get back with your ex, it is important to first make him miss you and your loving. These tactics will make him aware of the fact that he cannot do without you anymore!

When he finds he can't forget you
When your ex begins to realize that you are on his mind - morning, noon and night - he will start to admit to himself that he is still in love with you and wants you back in his life. It is essential to be subtle in your pursuit of him. Don't be too pushy or aggressive and stay away from him long enough to make him miss you like mad.

When he misses what you do for him
There is no way he is going to get used to the idea of not having you around anymore. He is sure to miss all those little special things you did for him out of your love and adoration. Don't be impatient and spoil things by trying to force him to get back. Wait till he starts to miss you dreadfully.

When he sees you being chased by others
Sometimes you could be right under his nose and he will look right through you. This could be the case when he thinks that you are always going to be around! If he has started to take your adoration for granted, he will ignore you and will not miss you. But if he sees you drift away and being chased by other guys, he will come to his senses and want you back.

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When he begins to feel that you might lose interest
All along you have shown him that you are there for him and that you will never leave him, but it was not enough! In fact, he found it easy to break off and leave you. This is why you should stop wearing your love on your sleeve and pretend that you are losing interest in him. This might make him afraid of losing you for good.

When he sees you looking even more gorgeous
Remember that there was a time when he could not take his eyes off you and thought you were the most gorgeous creature he has ever seen. Something happened to change all that - was it because you stopped taking care of yourself and started to look unattractive? Change that and start looking even more stunning and beautiful and you will get him back.

When he realizes that he really cares for you
If there were strong feelings of love and loyalty between you in the past, there is no way he will be able to forget what you meant to him. If you stay away from him for a while he is bound to start missing you. The more he sees you from afar, the more attracted he will get to you. Don't give in too easily and he will be ensnared all over again.

When you stay away long enough to make him miss you
Don't give up in your endeavor of making him miss you. He will only begin to miss you when he suddenly realizes that you are not around him anymore. When he finds that he has to fend for himself, that he does not have your support, your sweet smile and loving words of encouragement to prop him up anymore - he will long for you!

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After a breakup, you may feel a sense of anger, and if you are the one who initiated the breakup, your partner may be feeling anger and other feelings towards you. If you want to get your ex back and find ways to get them to contact you, here are a few tips to keep in mind..

Make Things Easier

If you want your ext to call you, make things easier for them. Maybe hint to them that you want them to call the next time you see them. Keep in touch with their friends and family, and let them know that you miss your ex. If you feel like telling your ex directly, make it short and sweet.

Develop Curiosity

If you want them to contact you, try leaving them a note with some exciting information, but tell them everything. Just give them a hint of what it is. They are going to be wondering what it is and they are going to contact you soon enough.

Take Some Time

If you just broke up and it happened fairly recently, don't call your ex immediately. Wait a few days so that things have a chance to calm down. Maybe if some time passes by, they will come back. Your ex may want to call you but may want to take a few days to gather their thoughts..

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Being Smart

There are many small ways to grab their attention and make them contact you such as going to places where you both usually hang out. Make sure you go there before your ex, as it can make them think of you and remind them of things you two did together. If they think of you, they are most likely going to call you.

Do Something of Interest to them

There may be certain things your ex wanted you to do but you never did. Find out what these things are and make the changes or start doing these things. Let their friends or them see and they will be calling you soon enough.

Do Things for Your Ex

This can be something as simple as sending a text to let them know you were thinking about them. Maybe set up a time to get together with them and talk to them.

Be Friends

While this can be a bit hard, it's rather effective. Showing them that you are OK with the breakup is the first step to getting them back. The more you are with them, the more they are going to miss you and will likely call or get in touch with you somehow.

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There are specific techniques that will show you exactly what to do and what to say to get your ex lover back in your arms- Especially if you are the only one trying... Visit What to Say to Get Your Ex Back to find out more.

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