My Ex Hates Me but I Want Her Back: My Ex Girlfriend Hates Me How Do I Get Her Back

Some songs like "Elvira" take forever to pen and are considered deep and to the core. If you've ever had a woman hate your guts, you'll know just how quickly Puddle of Mudd came up with their song "She Hates Me." All is not lost though when you suddenly find your senior picture on her dart board as these tips will help you win back a lady scorned.

Step 1: Why Does She Hate You: The way to win back a woman who hates you is to reverse the reason of her hate. This could be easy like paying back the $25 you owe her or much harder like explaining why you went to Hedonism with her sister but the first step is to identify the reason.

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Step 2: With Work: A girl won't usually break up and hate you because you owe her $25 so you'll probably have a little work ahead of you. The best thing you can do is recognizing that you've got an uphill climb and take steps. You can't get 6-pack abs overnight.

Step 3: Take The Blame: Even if she went to Hedonism with your brother, then dumped and scorned you when she got back, you might have to take the blame to get her back. "Sorry baby, it's my fault because I wasn't around to go to Hedonism with you...even though you never once mentioned it, my bad."

Step 4: Be Single: If a girl has it set in her mind that you're the epitome of all that's evil, sometimes the absolute worst thing you can do is stay together. If you both take some time to breath and reevaluate your life and relationship, she might realize that her hate is actually just a strong dislike and you'll be on the path back.

Step 5: Don't Throw Water On The Fire: Usually people say you shouldn't throw gas on a fire because it'll get bigger but in this case, maybe you don't want to throw water on the fire of rage your ex-girlfriend has built up. Let her vent and get out her aggressions because there's something bothering her, of the least is probably you.

Step 6: One On One Time: It'll be really easy for her to keep that hate momentum up when she's got her perpetually single cronies feeding advice in her ear. Try and get some alone time with her to explain your side of the story and to let her vent about the real reason she's filled with so much spite.

Step 7: Nothing At All: If you've ever loved somebody, you probably know deep down in your heart that you could never hate them...even if they went to Hedonism with your entire family. If this girl truly is sick to her stomach every time you're around, let her be...she's probably not worth the struggle in the end.

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Life and love in the movies seems so simple. When Napoleon Dynamite asked his friend how he'd show that he liked a girl, he nonchalantly replied, "I don't know. Bake her a cake or something." Hopefully, some of these tips to show your ex you love her still will give a hint of more dedication.

Step 1: Be Supportive: Hopefully you were supportive of her while you were in the relationship but being broken up is also a good time to start. Tell her you think it's great that she's going back to school, starting a new job, or even dating a new guy.

Step 2: Be Friendly: Having a hostile attitude towards your ex is unhealthy and unproductive. On the contrary, always saying hello or helping her out with things will have her thinking you're not as bad of guy as she told all her friends.

Step 3: Be Even Don't think that you owe her payback and don't dwell on who was responsible for the breakup. If you consider everything back to level it shows your ex you still love her and don't hold any resentment.

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Step 4: Do Something Nice: Flowers from an ex can be creepy but changing the oil in her car is a kind gesture. Don't offer to reshingle her house over the weekend but small simple tasks give her more to gush to her friends about.

Step 5: Lay Off The Mushy Stuff: Like we said, flowers and candy every day makes you come off as desperate and needy. Try and lay off the seedy stuff because technically you are broken up and avoid saying 'I Love You' at this current stage.

Step 6: One Last Moment Sometimes to show your ex you love her still, you need to have a premeditated moment. It might not always work but if you plan on moving or taking another big life step, tell her you want to see her before you go. This presents the perfect time to tell her that you still think about her all the time and might still be in love with her.

Step 7: Be Fine With Her Choice: If she tells you that she doesn't want to get back together at this time, you can show her you love her still by being fine with her choice. Sometimes all a girl really wants is somebody to love them and if you let her know that you just want her to be happy, she'll think it's you that makes her happy...or you could always bake her a cake or something.

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There is no point in losing hope even before you can go out and try to get your ex girlfriend back! You have to be positive and know what you want to do. If you feel that you cannot live without her and you want her back no matter what it might cost you - then go ahead in confidence and put your plans into action. Here are some tips to help you.

Show her that you still think of her
If the breakup was pretty recent and the hurt is quite raw and painful then you should leave it for the moment and give her some time to get over the pain. Once a certain amount of time has passed you can begin to show your ex that you still think of her. Help her to remember the good times you spent together. Refer to a particular place that meant so much to the both of you etc. It will help her to remember and show her that you still think of her.

Compliment and praise her in an indirect way
You don't have to flatter her to the point where it would sound false! All you have to do is tell her in an offhand way that you think she looks good in the outfit she is wearing. Make her remember the last time she wore it when you were together and she is sure to blush at the memory!

Don't date other girls
One way of letting your ex girlfriend know that you still have her on your mind and in your heart is to make her notice that you are not interested in dating other girls even though they give you a lot of attention. The fact that you are not attracted to other girls will make her aware of the fact that you might be still holding a candle for her!

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Apologize and melt her heart
The fact that you always tried to justify your actions and prove that you were not the one to blame made her even angrier and convinced that breaking up was the best thing for her. However if you do something that is so out of character and apologize in a genuine and touching manner you are sure to melt her heart. This show of humility and love will cover a huge amount of your sins!

Wear clothes that you know will turn her on
Focus on yourself for a change - your body, clothes and style do make a difference! Looking suave, handsome and attractive will not only do things for your personality and self confidence but will make your ex gasp with astonishment! Make her ogle you and wonder what has caused the new look! She will find herself attracted to you all over again.

Make her think that you have a lot of admirers
It is a great idea to make your ex girlfriend a little jealous. So far she was used to having your attention and devotion but as soon as she realizes that there are plenty of other girls just waiting to hang out with you or even date you - jealousy will rear its wicked head and she will want you back!

Prove that you are still "hot"
There is nothing wrong as coming across as the hottest guy in town. Imagine your ex girlfriend's surprise to see that you have become the most eligible bachelor since the break up! She will hate the thought of you being snapped up by another and will try to get back with you.

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It's hard enough getting your girlfriend to drop her pouty face when she finds out you cheated against her in Euchre but actually cheating on her with another woman opens up a whole new ball of worms. Right now, she's scorned but by following these guidelines the healing can begin.

Step 1: Will You Do It Again?: If the answer is yes, have some respect for the woman and let her get over you and move on. You really don't love somebody if you break their heart repeatedly and you should cut ties until you find a person you can be faithful to.

Step 2: She's Gotta Believe: You can tell yourself that you'll never cheat on her again but the key is making her feel that you're sincere. What changes have you made to ensure that you won't? Are you willing to undergo addiction therapy? Couples therapy? You've got to be dedicated if you want her back for good.

Step 3: Apologize About The Past There's no sense denying the fact that you screwed up and let her and yourself down. You might as well confront the issue and tell her that you're sorry and truly regret that night...hopefully it's not nights.

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Step 4: Let The Past Die: After apologizing, don't make a habit of bringing up your cheating at inappropriate times. It serves no purpose in saying; "I really enjoyed the movie tonight. I can't believe I ever cheated on you." She's feeling a little humiliation for taking you back so don't make her relive it every moment.

Step 5: Sensual Steve: You might have to take on a new persona to win back a woman you've cheated on and this could mean choosing to watch 'Eat, Pray, Love' over 'The Expendables.' Basically, you're at her control and since it was you that screwed up so it's you that has to suffer to show you're sincere.

Step 6: Hold Off On Intimacy If you're trying to win back the woman you've cheated on, gain her heart back before you go after her body. If you look to get hot and heavy on your first few dates back together, you'll just come off as a horndog. If you pass on the action at first, she'll know you're truly interested in her.

Step 7: Tell Her She's Appreciated: Everybody likes feeling appreciated, even the bailiff who leads you into a court hearing. As a guy, it's easy to feel that our appreciation is implied but sometimes you've got to pull those words out of your mouth to make sure your lady knows she's adored.

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