My Husband Called Me Boring: He Says I'm Boring - When Your Husband Calls You Boring

Wives always complain about their husbands changing and becoming colder as the years go by. However, they fail to see that the changes started initially from them and that their husbands may have been the quiet victim.

So, how can a wife keep her husband interested in her? The following suggestions are proven effective to make him not want to leave your side.

1. Beware of nagging.

Husbands wouldn't want to see a second mother who nags and complains continuously about his mistakes or shortcomings. Instead of telling him the things you hate him doing, why not thank him for the things he does for you and his family for a change. This will not only boost his confidence as a man, but also keep him interested to stay with you for life because you inspire him.

2. Don't make him your shock absorber.

Whether you are a full time house wife or a career woman, life is never easy. Because of the overwhelming stress at home and at work, as well as the economic crisis that we are all facing, projecting your stress to your husband becomes inevitable. Whatever situation you are in, never let your spouse feel affected because he, himself, has his own concerns.

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3. Never give him an ultimatum.

Men are not emotional, so they have their own way of unwinding. They may come home late from work at times, but demanding them to go straight home after office hours will just add more pressure on him and to your relationship in the long run.

4. Take care of his children and respect his parents.

Your children are what keep your marriage bond much stronger, so always take excellent care of your children. Teach your children how to express their love, respect and gratitude to their father, and your husband will thank you in return. In addition, taking his parents out on a date is also helpful in keeping him interested in you. Demonstrating respect and love to the people behind his career will make him in love with you for life.

5. Give him the freedom to be himself.

The biggest mistake a wife can ever make is to control her husband. Men believe they should be above their wife, so making his world smaller and restricting him from enjoying the things he used to do will just drive him away. For as long as he is loyal and merely wants to unwind, then grant him the little pleasure he seeks.

6. Brag about his achievements and hard work.

It is important to boost your man's self-confidence to make him inspired and more determined to do better. Appreciating him in front of your children, his parents or friends may sound simple to you but overwhelmingly rewarding to him.

7. Handle finances wisely.

He works hard for the money so he has the right to know whether you are doing your homework well or not. Men hate materialistic wives who don't know what to prioritize. Men don't want to see the product of their hard work go down to the drain, therefore, make sure that you spend the money on important things for the family's sake.

Keeping the husband interested is what all wives in the world dream of. For as long as you don't evoke negative feelings in him and you always try your best to make him feel better, then he will surely remain interested in you and your relationship will stay strong through the years.

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Very few marriages exist without reaching a crucial fork in the road at some point and a marriage self help strategy can be very effective when this happens. Many marriages have reached the point where separation and possibly even divorce begin to seem like the only option. Often times, one spouse remains committed to the marriage despite his or her unhappiness and the other spouse seems ambivalent or even unaware that there is a problem.

The following marriage self help strategies can be extremely effective even if you feel like you are in this thing alone:

1. Heal your self - This is not a suggestion to enter marriage counseling. Often times these so-called "marriage counselors" are nothing more than licensed therapists with little or no actual training in how to save a marriage. I'm talking about individual counseling to help you sort through your own issues.

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2. Worry about your self - Do not engage in personal attacks on your spouse.Do not be critical of them. Stay positive and worry about your own words and actions. Take ownership for what you do and say, regardless of what you may think or feel about the other person.

3. Make time for yourself -Do what you love! Engage in hobbies or activities that make you happy. Involve your spouse if it makes sense and he or she is interested but make time for yourself to pursue what you enjoy doing.

4. Take care of your self - Regardless of how lousy you may be feeling in this marriage, better diet and exercise are bound to help. You'll feel better and be in a much more resourceful state to handle the adversity.

Marriage self help as I'm talking about here is about working on yourself to improve your marriage. This will pay dividends regardless of what your spouse's role is in all this. You can still save your marriage even if your partner is not willing to try.

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Men have quite a reputation as being only after a single thing. However there is many a sexless husband that is making their wife miserable so what is the truth of the matter?

Perhaps the reputation is undeserved because there are many things in this life that can make a man be less interested in sex. If you know what the causes of this might be then you will be armed with the right information to tackle this problem and regain the intimacy you crave.

Stress - Stress plays a massive role in means health mental, physical and sexual. Stress can make a man less willing to be intimate because of a preoccupied mind but also because stress makes it more difficult for men to deal with intimacy and sex as well. Some men will masturbate rather than have sex because they feel that trying to perform will just add more stress to their lives.

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Physical Problems - A sexless husband can also be embarrassed and humiliated by very physical problems down there. Premature ejaculation and impotence are the two biggest problems that can make men shun intimacy because they feel inadequate. This is unfortunate but men can find it difficult to deal with and share this perhaps because you are their lover.

Body Issues - Some sexless husbands might have functioning equipment down there but have other mental problems relating to their physical appearance. Age, weight and low self esteem can lead to men sometimes hating their own body and feeling so disgusting that to be intimate would be too hard to bear. Men usually know that most women want a strong confident man as well and when they don't feel confident they do not want to perform and be naked and humiliated. This can be a delicate issue if they feel this way.

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You and your spouse have decided to call it quits but every once in a while, you wonder if there's any hope and any reason to end divorce and pick up the pieces of your marriage. Well, I'm here to tell you that you must absolutely stop any effort to go your separate ways. You must end divorce now!

Why am I so insistent you save your marriage, you ask? I'm thinking for you for the long term. The fact is divorce damages you in ways that most people don't realize. It's easy to get a divorce, heck half of all married couples eventually do. But nobody tells you what happens after, do they?

Sure, there are financial burdens. You have to start new separate lives which means separate homes, cars. There's also alimony for the guy. But is that all? Are there no other consequences? Here's the uncensored, untainted truth about getting divorced from years of studies, research and surveys --

1. Divorced folks die younger than married people

2. People who are divorced don't get promoted or earn as much as their married colleagues

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3. The suicide rate among divorcees is higher than for married people

4. More divorced people suffer from depression and mental illnesses than do married folks

5. Kids from divorced families do worse in school, have a higher rate of depression and tend to fail in their own relationships and marriages when they reach adulthood.

So if anyone tells you that divorce only has minor repercussions, you now know better. End divorce, make your marriage work and you'll live longer, richer and happier, and your kids will too!

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