Wife Avoids Physical Contact: What Does It Mean When Your Wife Doesn't Want You To Touch Her

Lack of sex in a relationship can be a sure sign of intimacy problems in marriage not only physically but also emotionally. Sex in a marriage is a special bond of love and relationships which lack this tend to have underlying issues of trust and communication and sometimes deeper more sinister problems that they may not even be able to admit to themselves which makes navigating these relationship issues difficult and upsetting the status quo even further even if you are trying to make things better can often go awry and make things even worse!

The first mistake many men and women make when their partner becomes distant physically is to assume that they are no longer attracted to them, this not only is not true in most cases but it can make you feel, depressed, angry, frustrated and humiliated by being rejected by the only lover you are suppose to have.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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So instead of taking this attitude you must be assured that this lack of sex drive and intimacy is a symptom of a deeper emotional problem not superficial physical appeal. The reasons could be many and some that have been reported include:

- Suspicion of cheating

- Sexual abuse

- Hatred of their own body

- Lack of interest due to boring routine

- Depression

- Stress

Every couple is different however this is just some examples that can lead to these intimacy problems and lack of interest in sex.

So what can you do about intimacy problems in marriage?

The real solution could be many and varied but to start with when looking for a solution you must be patient, never demand, never become petulant or sulk and never believe this will always be the case. To start with more important than doing the right things is not doing the wrong things and then you will have an easier time of uncovering the emotional barriers than are blocking emotional and physical intimacy.

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If you need Sexless marriage help then you are probably a very frustrated, angry and miserable person as one part of a sexless couple. This is not a life sentence though and it does not need to end in celibacy or in divorce because you can deal with a sexless marriage and come out on top.

The first bit of advice is that while it may feel like it is not your fault, you are in a relationship and the two people involved both need to accept some responsibility for the current state of affairs.

The next piece of advice is related to patience. Your relationship didn't get to where it is overnight. So don't expect things to improve rapidly. Take your time and slowly attempt to rebuild the chemistry.

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Before getting help for your sexless marriage you need to be sure your partner understands a problem exists. So this is your initial step - bring the problem out into the open and get both partners onboard.

A last snippet of advice you may want to remember is that your actions do speak louder than words. This does not mean going to extreme lengths in fact this could be detrimental. However, paying attention to the small things and showing affection without any strings attached will enable you to have a good base and thaw out the frostiness over time. This is not just the push of a button but it is possible to build up to the intimacy you desire.

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"I want to know how to get my wife back" was a question I found myself asking a few years ago. And so I did what many guys have done: I started searching the Internet looking for something out there that would give me answers and solutions. What I found is that there are a lot of "experts" promising to give me "secrets" that I could use that would virtually guarantee that I would get my wife back. The Internet is full of these "experts" and I found myself getting frustrated with their promises.

I'm going to tell you straight up front that I am NOT an expert on relationships. I'm a guy that found himself a few years ago in a similar situation to what you may be facing now. I was angry, depressed, lonely and looking for answers. My counselor made me feel a little better but that wasn't going to bring my wife back. My family and friends all sided with me but that wasn't going to get my wife back. Everyone had lots of advice and encouragement but I was no closer to getting my wife back. What was I going to do?

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I'll tell you right off the bat what didn't work:

· Begging and pleading with her to come back to me
· Promising I would change if she would only give me another chance
· Apologizing for everything I had ever done wrong
· Phone calls, texts and emails trying to communicate with her
· Sending flowers and gifts thinking she'd be swept off of her feet

What happened as a result of doing all these things seemed to push her even further away! Now I was really confused! She left me because she felt we had grown apart but now here I am trying to show her I've changed and I'm pushing her further away! It wasn't until I radically changed my approach that I begin to see a breakthrough. And this approach was NOTHING like most of the garbage I had seen on the Internet.

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So you're wondering how to win your wife back. She's so distant now. She hardly comes home before midnight. She dolls herself up but not for you. She laughs on the phone like a little girl and you have no idea who she's talking with. You suspect she's having an affair.

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1. Plan a beach-side 5 course dinner for her, complete with tablecloth-draped dining table with candles and hire a guitar player to play her favorite love songs.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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2. Create a rose garden in your living room with rose petals that lead up to a full bath tub filled with flowers and a bedroom lined with rose petals.

3. Pick her up from work and immediately whisk her off to the airport for a surprise romantic trip to a mountain resort. Make sure you pack extra clothes and her make-up for her.

If after all your effort, you find that she's indifferent, your marriage may be in greater trouble than you thought. Be ready to get help from a marriage counselor or face the possibility of divorce. The fact is almost every marriage that has been saved required professional help. If you can't afford counseling, go on the Internet and get the e-courses or ebooks written by marriage help professionals. These are more affordable than counseling or therapy sessions.

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