My Husband Is In Love with another Woman but Wants to Stay With Me: My Husband Told another Woman He Loves Her

My husband says he loves another woman and is thinking of leaving me. This is a nightmare that most women will not wish to have it happened especially when she loves her husband so much. How to win his heart back again if he is already in love with another woman:

The first thing that you have to do is to find out what went wrong in this marriage. Most married men will not fall out of love with his wife so easily and it is also not a day thing to fall in love with another woman immediately. Affairs are normally implicated with other marriage problems as well, so it is also important to find out the needs of each other.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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When you want to win your husband back again, you must make sure to stay calm in handling the issues. Your husband is likely to expect you to be needy and emotional when he wants to leave you. You probably will try to beg or cry bitterly in front of him, but that will not help in any ways. This will only determine his choice of leaving you because he will think that you are always there for him whenever he wants to get back with you.

Show him how well you can cope even if you are alone. Be even better and stronger than before. If both of you are still calling each other, remember not to hint or say things about getting back together. Just behave like his best friend to create the bond again and he will soon start to miss those days together when he realizes that you are the only one who understand his needs especially when his relationship with the other woman start to have some problems.

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Keeping a relationship especially marriage is a very difficult task. In involves two people with different minds, views, opinions, attitudes and behavior. Jobs, kids and other responsibilities also make it hard to focus on each other and sometimes marriage becomes a routine instead of a happy, healthy and loving relationship. Sometimes when you are experiencing a lot of marital problems and issues, divorce becomes an option without realizing that you can stop your divorce and save your marriage.

Is it worth to stop your divorce and save your marriage? Marriage has its ups and downs and sometimes you get confused on how to make things work. There are a lot of couples who give up on their marriage unnecessarily, not knowing what to do and they thought ending the marriage is the best solution. If they knew what to do, it will save them from a lot of hassles, stress and heartaches.

There are things you can do to stop your divorce and save your marriage. Doing the best you can to save your relationship is always the best option and here are some tips to help you fix a troubled marriage.

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Open communication. This is a very important factor to stop your divorce and save your marriage. Sometimes your spouse say things hurting your feeling or the words are interpreted negatively leading to communication gap. When you both start to have problems talking and communicating with each other, the relationship will start to get shaky. Effective communication is always important in any marriage. If you find it hard to communicate effectively with your spouse, you can get advice and help. Open communication is important to stop your divorce and save your marriage.

Love your spouse unconditionally. In marriage you will find out that your partner is not as perfect as you think he or she is. You will discover flaws, faults and a lot more. But you also have to realize that you have faults too and you are not perfect. This is where unconditional love comes in, loving your spouse unconditionally despite of his or her flaws. If you really want to stop your divorce and save your marriage, you will learn to accept that you and your spouse are not perfect and have to love each other unconditionally.

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Marriages typically break down for a number of reasons. The cause may be one thing in particular but in most cases, it's a combination of issues that the couple has been struggling with. Perhaps it's money problems, trust issues or even health concerns. The list of reasons almost seems endless.

Once a marriage has reached a breaking point many couples realize the gravity of the situation and start working towards repairing the relationship. If you're in this predicament now, fortunately there are steps you can take to learn how to fix a marriage in trouble.

There are some fundamental areas of the relationship that should be addressed first and foremost. If you can rebuild these, you will stand a much better chance of not only saving the marriage, but making it stronger than it's ever been before.

The first basic relationship skill to work on is communication. Lack of communication is often what causes relationship break downs. Seek counseling to identify and learn other skills needed. Use the skills learn to build a strong relationship.


If you cannot talk together and share things what is the point of the relationship? You can have meaningless conversations with anyone.

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Communicating with your partner involves being vulnerable and trusting that your partner will accept you. It is not about telling them about your day. It is about letting them into your life, knowing who you are and how you feel.

Need to know how to fix a marriage? Simply talk to each other. Trust each other enough to share innermost thoughts and feelings. There should be no fear of being judged or made fun of by your partner. If there is you may not be with the right person.

Communication is not about telling your side or point of view. It is about listening to each other. Not hearing what we think the person is saying but what they mean with their words. Don't be afraid to repeat back what you thought they said in your own words. This gives your partner the opportunity to explain what they are trying to tell you if it is different then what you understood.

Moving Forward

It is fine to identify and then work on problems. But once you have resolved issues you have to let them go. Get over it. It is done, resolved. Don't dwell on past disappointments, problems or trust issues. Leave the past alone and concentrate on moving forward.

Reliving the past is not how to fix a marriage. If you don't let go of it you are not giving the relationship a chance to grow and change. Instead the marriage may wither and die.

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It's not unusual for one spouse to be attempting to save their marriage while the other spouse is attempting to leave it. Of course, there are cases when both spouses mutually agree that it is best to end the marriage. But, those are not the folks who I hear from. Instead, I hear from those people (usually - but not always - wives) who are trying very hard to fight for their marriage while their spouse is strongly resisting them. Many start out with a good deal of determination but soon find out that being the only one trying to save your marriage is a lonely situation to be in. And you're often left wondering if your efforts are going to be enough.

I might hear from a wife who says: "six months ago, my husband told me that he definitely wanted a separation but it was more likely that he wanted a divorce. This was upsetting to me, but not completely surprising. It's been obvious that he isn't happy. However, I do not buy that we could not become happy again with just a little work. My husband says that he doesn't believe that things can ever be the way that they were between us. But I disagree. I've been trying to make him remember the important events in our marriage, but it doesn't seem to do much good. He seems to be reasonably happy now. In fact, he seems happier living apart from me than he was living with me. This hurts. But I still believe that I can change this eventually. So, I've been going to counseling. I've been on my best behavior when I see my husband. I keep a journal recording the things I've tried and whether they have worked or haven't. In short, I just keep at it every chance I get. But I worry that I'm not really making progress. I worry that one person alone can not save a marriage. Sometimes, I think that I am crazy for hanging on when he's very clearly told me I'm wasting my time. Am I crazy?"

You are not crazy. You are dealing with this as best as you can. I know how you feel. I too set out to save my marriage alone. And I know that is a very lonely and scary place to be. For a long time, not only did I not make any progress, but I believe that I made things worse. The more it was clear that I was trying to change my husband's mind, the more determined he was that I was never going to be successful with this. And the more he backed away from me. I will admit that there was a time when I backed away in frustration. Interestingly, when this happened, my husband became receptive to me again.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Why It Helps To Loosen Your Grip: From my own experience and from the people who I hear from in the same situation, I believe that when you get discouraged or wonder if you're just wasting your time, it can be helpful to turn inward and, for just a little while, to focus on yourself. People are often afraid of this. They think that while their back is turned, their husband is going to forget all about them. But, you have to ask yourself what is going to be the harm of focusing on yourself when nothing is changing anyway. Your husband likely already knows what you want and how you feel. You focusing on your own needs isn't going to change that.

And frankly much of the time, it will make you appear more attractive when you make it obvious that your needs are important too. He will respect you more and when you do come back to the table, he's likely to pay more attention. Of course, I can't guarantee you that this will always happen. Every situation is different. But when you are not seeing any progress, then I think it often helps (and rarely harms) to take a break.

I'd also like to encourage you by telling you that I've seen people have success when they were the only one who wanted to save their marriage. Of course, your spouse is going to have to eventually decide to cooperate by being receptive to what you are trying to do. But in my experience, this isn't required during the entire process, especially at the beginning. People change their minds all of the time. You may have to accept very slow and gradual changes. You may have to back away when you are met with resistance. And you may have to have more patience than you ever imagined. Even then, there are no guarantees.

Knowing What Is In Your Heart: If your heart is telling you that you are not ready to give up, then I don't see the logic in forcing yourself to do so. You'll always wonder if you gave up too soon. I believe that most people know, deep in their hearts, when is the right time to pull away and the right time to hang in there. As you are the one walking that path, then it's up to you when to make these calls. People will tell you that you are wasting your time and setting yourself up to be hurt. But we are talking about your marriage here. It's not as if you are deciding to give up on something that doesn't matter.

I understand knowing that if the marriage is going to be saved, then you are going to be have to be the one to save it. This is a tough situation, but many of us decide that we'd rather be the lone person fighting for our marriage than joining forces in the quest to give up and walk away. It may or may not turn out to be enough in the end. But you won't know unless you hang in there.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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