My Husband Is Mentally Unstable: How To Save Your Marriage When Your Partner Is Depressed

One very terrible situation to be in is when you are married to someone who is severely depressed. This can be a very tricky situation to work with and it requires are a very delicate approach. Depression is something that effects people in many different ways. Some of the most common symptoms of clinical depression is change in sleeping habits, losing interest in activities that used to bring pleasure and excitement, fatigue, and also change in eating habits. There are many more symptoms but those are just a few. If you have noticed that your partner exhibits any of these then you may want to talk with him/her to find out what's wrong.

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The main thing here is communication. If you know for a fact your partner is depressed then you need to keep communicating with them in order to keep your relationship working. Sometimes people who are depressed don't even know why they are depressed. For a person who isn't depressed this can be very confusing and mind boggling, but it's true. Sometimes the fact is there is a chemical imbalance in that person's brain that makes it so that they are depressed and can't even tell you why.

If this is the case then the best thing you can do is just be there for your partner when he/she needs to talk or whatever. Whatever you do, don't try to "fix" your spouse, that will only make matter worse. Leave the bulk of it to the doctors who will help your spouse through a mixture of therapy and medication, your role is far more simple, just be there, be supportive and loving and don't give up.

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Marriages can be a difficult thing to deal with from time to time. There can be many discouraging factors like arguments, being busy with kids and work and even just not finding time to yourself. But don't worry. You can have a marriage that makes you happy but the first step is to stay motivated enough to try to fix it.

Tip #1

The first step to staying motivated is to focus on positive memories.

When difficult times come up, it can be hard to see a future together but all you have to do is remember the good times. Remember why you got married in the first place, the love you both shared and the kindness that you exchanged.

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Tip #2

Secondly, you need to both share more positive experiences together.

A positive experience is anything that you both go through together happily. Shopping for things you both like would be an example of a positive experience. Going hiking, taking your kids to a playground, going to see a movie you both want to see and eating at places you both like.

Sharing these experiences is crucial because our brains will associate the positive experience with your partner, thereby making more positive memories.

Tip #3

Avoid painful memories.

Focusing on painful memories will lead to a painful future. You have to change your attitude in order to fix your marriage. When bad times come up, our minds tend to go to bad times in the past and you have to actively think of only the good times.

Stop thinking about all of the negative things that have happened in the relationship and you will have a better time at making your marriage work.

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It is the easiest thing to give up on something but when it comes to something as crucial and special as you marriage, the last thing that you should do, is to go in for a divorce when things don't seem to work out! In this case, the intelligent and desirable option is to try and stop a divorce at any cost. In order to stop a divorce there are some things that you and your spouse need to realize and come to terms with.

Working out a marriage is not magic; it takes time and effort on both sides to for stopping a divorce and unless you make that effort now you may regret it later! If you are wondering that how to stop a divorce and get a happy married life, then these 3 tips may well prove to be very useful for both you and your spouse.

1. Make A Few Changes

None of us are perfect. If you have problems with your spouse you must realize that your spouse too must be having problems with you. If you want to stop a divorce, then you must take the first steps towards change and improvement. Be flexible and eager to find out what are the areas that are causing trouble for the both of you. Talk things out with your partner and find out what might be bothering him/her.

Surely there are certain things that might be annoying for your spouse. There is no harm in bowing down a little and trying to please your spouse by making the changes in your approach that are desired by your spouse. This will not make you any smaller but will only bring back the joy in your marriage again!

Moreover, once you have taken the first step towards positive change, you can be very sure that your spouse too will reciprocate and make the changes that you want. In order to stop your divorce and get closer to your spouse you have to take one step at a time and allow your spouse to feel loved and wanted all over again!

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2. Spend Time Together

We all have hectic schedules and no doubt work is very important. But nothing can be more joyful than marital bliss. Make those necessary changes in your daily schedule so that you both can spend at least an hour each day only with each other without those official calls bothering you! It is not only about going dining once every month or taking a short weekend off.

A marriage is about spending each and every moment together and never making your spouse feel lonely and left out. An hour every day is surely not asking too much from you for the person who will stand by you always. Even if your marriage is on the rocks, the best way to stop a divorce is to build the trust and dependence again which comes from sharing and caring for each other. Investing an hour's time to each other every day will bring that back into your relationship!

3. Don't Take Each Other For Granted

When you have something that is precious to you never take it for granted. Your spouse is someone you need in your life. Don't make each other feel left out because that will only create a drift between you both. If things are not working out take time off to do special things for each other.

It is sure to bring back the lost closeness. Even a peck on the cheek or a chocolate on your way back home can work magic in these situations. These things will truly make your spouse feel wanted and you will be surprised to see how well your spouse will reciprocate to your gestures!

Marriage is a wonderful thing and to stop a divorce all you have to do is to love your spouse and value your marriage. Following these three tips can really make your marriage work better! After all it is really worth the try!

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As a married Christian, sexual intimacy should be an important factor in your relationship. It's a celebration of the love you share for one another and the appreciation to God for bringing the both of you together.

Seeking Christian marriage advice regarding sex is not uncommon, and is actually a very important thing to do. Many couples don't take steps to learn about sexuality within their relationship, and in turn miss out on amazing, life affirming, God affirming, incredible sexual intimacy.

Two common questions Christian couples seek out in regards to sexual intimacy are, "how often" and "how long". That is, how often should you have sex? And how long should your sexual sessions last?

Let's tackle the first question. How often. Let's examine these two schools of thought regarding how frequent sex should be had:

1. A scheduled sexual intimacy plan, i.e. once every other Friday night.

2. A "play it be ear" plan. For example, whenever couples feel like having sex, they should engage in intimacy.

Both of the above schools of thought are actually very bad choices for Christian couples.

The first plan takes away spontaneous sex or surprise sex. What if both of you are feeling rather horny on a Wednesday night? The chances for incredible intimacy are fantastic. But according to the plan you have to wait until Friday after next.

The second plan is also bad. I've seen many married Christians try to "play it by ear". Guess what happens? They end up never having sex. Couples don't think it will happen to them, but it always does. Sex gets put off and put off. Eventually it becomes an awkward situation and a rare occasion that intimacy is shared. This is not the fault of either person. It's the fault of the "play it be ear sex plan" they formulated.

You really do need a schedule, but a "loose schedule". That is, yes whenever you both feel like sex you should set aside the time to engage in intimacy.

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But, as marriage goes, there will be stretches where neither of you can motivate yourselves for intimacy. Things come up and other ideas are taking center stage in your heads.

This is when you must have a schedule and make it a rule to basically not allow a certain amount of days or weeks to go by without becoming intimate. You don't want to get in that "rut" that so many married folks get into.

No one says it will happen to them, but it so easily can, and eventually will if you don't form a "loose schedule" for having sex.

Now for the other question, "how long should actual sex last?"

For Christians, sex is not only important, but very special. Whatever you treat special, you savor. You don't scarf down an expensive filet mignon or a fine bottle of wine. You savor the flavor, the taste, and the experience.

Same goes for Christian sex. Having a "quickie" should NOT be standard in your intimacy. There's so much to do and so much pleasure to be had, why waste this amazing experience on quickies?

Christians understand the importance of celebrating the amazing union they have with one another. They respect that gift and in turn will savor the experience rather than bottle it up in a shot glass and just down it all at once.

If you are a man, learn how to last as long as possible in bed. Learn other techniques involving foreplay so that sex is not just about the obvious pleasure, but the pleasures of pleasing your partner all over their bodies and triggering pleasure points that will turn them on, and in turn make the actual act of penetration even more incredible and mind blowing.

If you are a woman, learn different techniques to turn your man on, as well as different positions to try for necessary variety. Dress up with sexy lingerie and accentuate your body parts like your breasts, your buttocks and legs.

Sex is a great gift and very important for Christian married couples to experience in the most frequent and prolonged manner possible!

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