My Husband Is Not Turned On By Me Anymore: I Don't Turn My Husband On Anymore - Change This Now!

Sex between the two of you was more than passionate; it was orgasmically explosive. He couldn't seem to keep his hands off you and you felt completely irresistible during the beginning of your marriage. And knowing exactly what to do to spice up your marriage and save it from a sexual affair seemed to be easier than ever!

Suddenly, your husband stopped having sex with you less and less. When asked if he stopped desiring you, he simply told you he was tired due to a long day at work. He assured you that you weren't the cause of his sexual distance, and you believed him at first. But then days turned to weeks, and before you knew it, you can't remember the last time he even touched you.

Before you know it, you're wondering whether your husband doesn't love you anymore - and if so, what the reasons why your husband is not having sex with you are as well.

What happened? Why isn't your husband having sex with you?

Male sexuality is an interesting concept to many. It's easily and most often assumed that men are hard wired to want sex and nothing but sex from the minute they hit puberty until the moment they take their last breath. These assumptions don't account for the variances in desire men may have as they enter and exit different stages in life, go through life events and even when they're involved in passionate relationships, such as the marriage you're in.

While it is true that, yes, men love and desire sexual connections greatly, the lack of sexual attention from him doesn't necessarily mean that he's no longer interested in having sex with you. Truth be told, men experience highs and lows with their sexual libido as much as women do, but many don't discuss this occurrence with their wives.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Stress Kills Sex Drive in Men

Stress is one of the most common killers of your sex life. Sometimes, your husband can be so stressed out and internally wound up that all he wants to do is unwind when he gets home. Even if he usually uses sex as a method to distress at the end of the day, there can be moments when he's just not interested in diffusing his emotions with sexual intercourse. So when your husband tells you he's had a long day and can't bother, do what you can to relax him, and if you really want to enjoy him that bad, give him a blowjob and show him you're all about making sure he feels better.

Performance Anxiety - When His Soldier Won't Salute

In addition to stress, performance anxiety as a man ages can be an issue once his body no longer performs like it used to. Erectile dysfunction is embarrassing to many men; it can trigger feelings of deep shame and lead to a midlife crisis. A man who cannot get it up - and keep it up - for his woman is one who more than likely is beating himself up on the inside.

While there are things your husband can do to counteract the changes of aging and its effect on his sex drive and erection, you'll have to bite your bottom lip as hard as possible to show your support. Offer to extend more time on foreplay, or invite him to touch you with his fingers or make love to you orally. You want to distract him from the act of penetration and engage him in the act of sexual connection. When he's ready, he'll slip on the condom and buckle you up for the ride.

He Loves You, But You're the Problem

Sometimes it's not him, it's you. Some men lose sexual desire for their wives for many reasons. Have you gained weight recently that's made you look different? The extra 10 - 15 pounds may be a problem, especially if your clothes aren't as appealing as they used to be. Have you gotten into the habit of ignoring your appearance and feminine upkeep? Well, unfortunately that's more than enough for some men to stop desiring sex with you. Maybe you're arguing with him over bills or other issues? Then it's time for reconnection and a change in how you communicate.

If you think your relationship with him, or your external appearance is one of the reasons why your husband is not having sex with you, then try to figure out what actions you can take without directly involving him. Whenever you're ready, approach him directly and let him know you're interested in talking about ways to save and spice up your marriage if there's anything you can truly do to help!

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You have been engaged with your beloved since your college days. After spending so many romantic days with each other, now you want to get married and get settled in your life. Though you have the desire of starting a new journey of your life with your beloved, you are afraid that things might change later. Like many other young couples, you are also apprehensive about the fact that your lovely relation might get bitter after marriage. Making such anticipations will not help you in any way. If you want to keep your love relation happy forever, you need to know the simple tips for keeping your married life happy forever.

It has been found that many young couples, who have married after a courting for a long period of time, could not lead a happy life. People those who loved each other from the depth of their heart could not tolerate each other after marriage. With time things became worst and many of them have decided to get separated. If you are also afraid these types of consequences, there is no point in delaying the marriage. Instead of delaying the marriage, you can opt for a marriage course and understand the intricate details that can keep couples happy.

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With the increase in the complications, many experts have come up with different tips and strategies to help couples lead a happy life. To help in strengthening the bond of the young couples, many new organizations have come up to educate young people to know about the intricate as well as delicate issues. As they get to understand the intricacies of this phase of life that can affect their bonding, they remain careful about these issues and do not any problem to grow in their relation.

If you want to save your marriage, you need to understand that a proper foundation of the new life is very important. The couples, who know how to start a successful life, can easily lead a happy life forever. However, if there is any kind of mistake in laying the first brick of the new life, it might later affect the relation and with time new problems might start evolving in your life. To keep your self happy, you should understand the simple elements of marriage success.

With the increase in the competition in every field, every human being has to work hard for their living. They have to defeat others in the race so that they can remain successful in their life. And in doing so, they do not find enough time to spend with their family. This in turn leads to different types of misconceptions and misunderstandings. So, to keep your married life happy and successful, you should try to spend some nice time with your partner. Understand your partner's feelings and things will go smoothly.

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Here are some strategies which I have learnt from the expert on what works and does not work when it comes to salvaging a marriage or relationship, and I really hope you will find them helpful.

The first thing is you must understand what you are up against. You have to know what you must not do if you want to stop your divorce fast and effectively. What I'm going to do now is to share with you the four main strategies that do not work yet so many people are trying it in their effort to stop a divorce.

First is keep giving the spouse assurances that you have changed, you would not be controlling, you would not cheat him/her again etc. This effort, sorry to say, almost never works.

Second is telling them over and over again that you love him/her - this, never works as well to stop a divorce or get back your ex spouse.

Third strategy is trying to argue, reason, talk, or make them into feeling different, feeling more in love with you or acting different. That, never works as well. You see, always being agreeable is being pleasing to your partner. Most people do not know if you agree sincerely or are faking it. But the thing is, if you agree with them, you may hit the problem on the nail. Your spouse may have wanted a divorce because you are always disagreeing with him/her. If you are pleasant and always looking things from their perspective, they may not want a divorce already. Understand the root cause for the divorce - it is more often caused by disagreement. By asking for a divorce, they are merely pulling away from the person who disagrees with them. If you could just agree with them on certain things enthusiastically, see it their way, show that you're happy to do whatever they want, this will stop any hostility that they have and could possibly salvage your marriage.

The last wrong strategy that has been applied over the time is one becoming addicted to his/her pessimism. That is before the partner or spouse even has the chance to say "no" to you, you had already said "no" to yourself. For example, you may have already made up your mind that your spouse would not change his/her mind at all about the divorce. With that belief, you give up easily without really trying to salvage the marriage. If you really want to stop the divorce, give yourself and your partner a chance. Do not sentence your marriage to death without really trying hard enough.

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In an age of communication, just about anything is readily available to the one who seeks answers to her questions. When it comes to searching for relationship advice in particular, you will find countless sources both online and offline that will claim to help your cause. Here are 4 distinct ways to know you have picked the right relationship expert for yourself.

You should be able to identify your core problem: Your relationship expert should be able to help you point out exactly where your problem lies. This realization should come from you, and not him / her. She will walk you through a series of questions that you will answer for yourself, and by the end of your initial conversation, you will know where your obstacles lie.

You will know exactly what your ultimate relationship goals are: It would be pointless for you to chalk out a road-map of sorts with your relationship expert on how to save your marriage when you have not determined what saving your marriage means to you. With her help not only will you be able to decide what a perfect 10 in your marriage would be, you will also picture the fine details of it, making it real and your own destination.

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With an expert, you know your purpose of action: One of the key elements of seeking advice from a true professional is that any action that you take as a result will be completely instigated by you, and will make sense to you alone. A relationship expert will not judge you on the nature of your goals, or your driving force behind it. Rather you will be more in touch with your inner self and your source of motivation will be your own ultimate purpose of living your ideal married life.

Your advisor will liberate you, and not tie you down:This is perhaps the most important factor that will help you pick an adviser that is right for you. Your relationship expert will teach you how to pursue your marriage and life goals, tell you ways to save a failing marriage and by the end of a successful correspondence, you will know how to catch him and keep him, all on your own. The mark of a true expert is that she partakes her knowledge to empower you, without making you dependent on her on a long-term basis.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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