For some people, once their marriage matures, they find themselves drifting apart from their spouse. Typically this process begins when children enter the relationship. There's an obvious shift in the dynamic between the partners when they have to go from being lovers into being co-parents. If you're a woman who is devoting much of her time to her children, your husband may have started to detach emotionally and physically from you. This isn't anyone's fault, it's just something that happens as the family grows and the children's needs become more pressing. If you feel that your husband is always occupied with something other than you, you need to address that before the problem becomes worse. If you want to get your husband to spend time with you, it's possible. You can reignite the connection between the two of you so you start feeling like romantic partners all over again.

One of the best ways to get your husband to spend more time with you is to plan one-on-one time for the two of you as a couple. It can be exhausting both emotionally and physically when a couple has to tend to the needs of their children, careers and the home all day. They sometimes only have time left for sleep. Why not arrange for a babysitter and then plan a romantic night for you and your husband? You can make this as simple or as extravagant as you like. It doesn't have to cost much at all if you're juggling a limited budget. The main thing is that you and your man have some much needed time alone. This will help you to reconnect and it will remind him of why he loved spending so much time with you in the beginning of your relationship.

If there's something in particular that your husband loves to do, plan on doing that with him. It might be a sport that he enjoys participating in or maybe there's an action movie that he's been talking about seeing. Make all the arrangements yourself and then surprise him by telling him what you two are doing. He'll be touched that you put so much effort into it and since it's an activity he'll enjoy, you already know that the two of you will have a great time together. Not only will this give you more time with him but it will show him that you're still spontaneous and men love seeing that in their wives.

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Can you really know for sure if he loves you? How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation? If he says the words, is it really true? So many uncertainties are floating through your head. But you better be sure that he really loves you, or you might be heading for a broken heart. Here are the ways that a man proves that he loves you.

He says I Love You

These are not easy words for a man to utter. They leave him very vulnerable, which is not a comfortable situation for him. If he says it in the restaurant, whispers it in the movie theater, and shouts it when you're driving through the countryside, you better believe he really means it. But beware: If the only time you hear it is during "the act" or, worse yet, to entice you through the last step of submission, then don't take it to the bank. He may not know or care about the difference between real love and physical lust.

His actions speak louder than words

Is he there to support you through the hard times? Is he there to show his pride in you in your moments of triumph? Does he ask about your day and comfort you when you need it? Does he put you first? Does he take your side even when you're wrong? Does he go out of his way to keep in touch or give you little notes and gifts? Does he always have a big and sincere smile for you? Does he carry your picture or keep one where he sees it every day. If it's mostly Yes, then this guy is really into you. If he doesn't know he loves you yet, he will.

He lets you be you

He admires your independence and knows that you have your own life too. He understands that you weren't born on the day he met you. He doesn't try to make you over or change your ways. He doesn't mind when spend a day with your family or friends. He likes you in heels and a sexy skirt, and he likes you in jeans and a tank top too. He jokes about your fuzzy pink slippers, but mostly, he loves you just the way you are.

It's you, only you, and always you

If you fill up his life and he just can't get enough of you, then you own his heart. If he goes out with nobody but you (officially or unofficially) that's your man. If he suffers when you're away and calls you everyday, relax and enjoy basking in the warmth of his love.

Look at what your man is telling you without speaking. Just look around and observe him, and listen to your intuition. If he is giving you these signs, then he loves you, whether he knows it or not.

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Is it getting discouraging trying to get a guy to fall in love with you? Are you just about ready to give up because nothing ever works out right and you don't know what to do anymore? Are all the tricks you used worthless and you think love simply doesn't exist? Believe me, love does exist and there are plenty of men out there to prove it. You just have to pick out the right guy and make it work. Here's how you can have a more successful romance on your next try.

If you've been trying to make a romance work for a while now, there's a good possibility you've become a little desperate and a tad obsessed with the notion of winning a man over. This is the worst thing you can bring to an encounter with a man. Over eagerness will kill a relationship before it even gets started.

I know this might be hard, but forget that you want to get married by next August. When you meet a man, start with a blank slate. You want to just get to know him and let him see the real woman you are. This means without the pressure to make a romance come out of those first few dates.

You've probably heard people saying about their mate that they just clicked. It's that magical thing that happens when two people meet and for some unknown or inexplicable reason they just mesh together so well. This is hard to fabricate or force and can only come from genuinely feeling good about being with the other.

If there's no pressure to perform on each date, you both have a better chance of discovering if you do mesh. Relax and have a great conversation with him. Show him your qualities and don't let on that you're eager for more.

Love will hit him before he even realizes what he's really feeling. Without stress and strain he'll fall in love with you.

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Are you comfortable in your ability to make a guy fall in love with you? Can you tell the difference between a guy who is hot for your body and one who has some real feelings for you? Do your signals that it's time to step things up go nowhere, making your feel like your relationship is heading for a dead end? If you want to make a guy fall in love, you have to keep things moving ahead with the proper the techniques-otherwise your relationship may languish and stagnate until it dies of boredom.

Sometimes a guy will mistake lust for love. This doesn't make him a bad guy; you can still help him find real love. But the problem is that lust is a hot fire with very little fuel to keep it burning. As he sees the excitement of those early encounters fade a little, he may come to think that he's falling out of love.

The truth is, has hasn't even been there yet. It's up to you to show him the real joy and splendor of having an intimate interpersonal relationship with a sexy and compassionate girl like you. It's not hard, if you know what to do.

Turn on his feelings

You know how to turn him on physically, but now you've got to let the caveman emotions in his big head catch up with those tingly feelings in his little head. Actually, the best way to become a friend that he comes to need and depend on (which is irresistibly sexy for him) is to use those tingles to transmit that same happy high to his head. Use your physical closeness to get his blood flowing - get very close to talk to him, look deeply into his eyes, wear a nice but subtle scent, and be sure to touch his arm and face and hair with your silky smooth magical skin. Now you are ready to make a guy fall in love.

When his blood hits a slow simmer, then back off and say something very rational and logical-compliment his management style at work or the way he talks respectfully to his mom and dad. He is in a happy, turned on mood, and all of your words will be received in his brain in a happy and winning way. The brain is "emotion central" and it will begin to combine his physical desire with a need for emotional closeness to you as well.

Don't force the next step

Love is your goal, but you are the object of his desire. You chase love, but love sneaks up on a man from behind. When he catches you, love still has to catch him. You have to give him time to explore the box of Cracker Jack to find the real prize of love inside of you. If you try to make him want "love," he will just see his freedom and individuality vanishing. If you really want to make a guy fall in love, then don't make the "threat" of love leave him cold.

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