My Husband Never Talks To Me: My Husband Hardly Talks To Me

Though not exactly new advice for marriage, every couple must realize that the key to a successful relationship is good communication. Without it, the relationship will never develop beyond where it is right now. In fact, just the opposite will happen. The relationship will begin to degrade until it is virtually nonexistent. It is essential, then, that husbands and wives learn to make communication a central aspect of their marriages.

This has always been a challenge for some. Many people--particularly men--have traditionally found it difficult to open up and be vulnerable with someone else. This has even been true when conversing with someone they love. Though the desire to communicate may exist, the ability seems to be lacking. Often, this can be attributed to a lack of role models showing what it means to communicate.

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Communication has always been a challenge within relationships. Today, however, the challenge is greater than ever. With conflicting work schedules, social media addictions, technologies enabling you to work anytime and anywhere, the proliferation of video games, scholastic and extracurricular involvements of the children, plus a host of other distractions, finding time for a couple to truly communicate can seem impossible.

Clearly, healthy communication does not happen by accident. For husbands and wives to communicate, it must be intentional. Left to chance, it will never happen. Couples must purposefully set aside time for honest communication. This could mean devoting a few minutes each evening, one evening a week, or one weekend per month. Whatever the format, devoting time to catching up, discussing the status of the relationship, solving problems, dreaming about the future, and simply loving each other can greatly benefit any marriage.

Also, as words can be used to build up or tear down, couples must be aware of how they are communicating. Healthy communication means more than merely speaking the truth; it involves speaking the truth in love. Honesty and openness is essential, but so is grace and mercy.

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Since we are human, it makes sense that there is not just one reason why a relationship between two people could fail. With the enormous amount of psyches out there in the world, it is only reasonable that we wouldn't be compatible with all of them. In fact, statistically we are compatible with very few of them, which is why building lasting relationships with friends, family and spouses is extremely important.

When two people are in a relationship, but are causing each other harm by doing so, it may be time to step back and evaluate the pros and cons of having the relationship at all. Make sure that you list your pros and cons on an individual basis as well, since it is important to make sure that each person is satisfied as an individual, not just as a collective married couple.

Here are some of the most common problems that may occur in your marriage. Do not hesitate to contact a counselor if you feel that you would like to work on any of these issues, since most of them can be resolved with practice in proper communication techniques.

Marriage counselors often state that these are some of the most frequently observed reasons for a marriage to have troubles, or fail.

Poor Boundaries:

Shrugging off or allowing intimate conversations with members of the opposite sex can lead to many types of emotional experiences. These experiences can then lead to fantasy lives, poor judgment and could possibly lead to physical intimacies or affairs outside of the marriage.

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While it may not seem like a very common or 'adult' like trait, selfishness is one of the most common displays that is often seen at the counselor's office. In its more terrible and destructive forms, selfishness can take the form of manipulation, being controlling, or even abuse. In some mild forms, selfishness can include non-appreciation, ignoring, discrediting of thoughts, impatience, criticism, lack of consideration and a clear lack of respect.

Lack of Sex or Intimacy:

Lack of intimacy between two partners, in addition to any other issues between the couple, is bound to make the experience that much more tense. Without affectionate gestures, kind words become empty and often times, spouses will lose trust in the ability of their partner to complete even the small things. When someone gets married, they don't expect to live with someone as a roommate or 'friend' the rest of their lives. They want to be swept off their feet by the person they love, and to lead an active and enjoyable sex life.

Lack of Communication Skills

Incredibly, just because you are taught how to speak, does not mean that you are born ready to communicate. Learning to communicate involves knowing about the different cycles of speech communication, problem solving, and rational thinking. This includes being able to convey your emotions in a manner that is clear to the other party, without having to scream, shout or demean them. If you're worried that there has been a communication breakdown between you and your spouse, or that there wasn't ever any good communication to start with, contacting a marriage counselor can help you begin to rebuild that bridge with your partner or spouse in order to address other issues that may have emerged.

If both parties are willing to attempt to communicate and understand that everyone involved in the relationship is responsible, it is very possible that your issues within your relationship could be helped. Do not underestimate the power of a mediator, an unbiased third-party who is able to help you communicate better with those you love.

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Understanding men is often made out to be something that takes a university degree to achieve when really, it's nothing of the sort. In this article, I'm going to be talking about how a wife should play their role if they're looking to get more respect and love from their husband. Someone you have to respect is your boss, right? Even if you don't like them on the surface, they do pay you, so you do have to respect them. If our wife has a boss-like attitude, she can potentially steer the relationship and make it stronger than ever. Here's how.

1. The Strict Boss

Are you considered to be the one who wears the pants in the relationship? If you are, this usually means that you call the shots, while the man sits back and lets you do all the work.

This also means that when he wants to do anything, he asks you or at least lets you know. If you aren't the one who calls the shots in the relationship, it might take a bit more effort for you to actually become strict, but the power that comes from calling the shots gives you respect.

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2. The Fair Boss

You have to use that power wisely. If you're simply domineering and don't listen to your man and what he wants to do, he will leave you. As much as you are the boss, you are nothing without your employees. You have to adopt the mentality that you need him more than he needs you.

We currently respect you if we ask you for permission or respond to your every beck and call. Don't lose our respect by not realizing this.

3. The Rewarding Boss

Rewarding your man is another way to get him to respect you. Ultimately, being recognised and rewarded is what your man is in the relationship for in the first place. I know that I value recognition more than sex from my wife.

Recognition validates my existence as her man. If she validates me and me only, that makes me feel special. Reward your man and he will feel immense respect and admiration for you. If you don't reward him, you're not going to have a very happy employee.

Hopefully this makes understanding men somewhat easier. If you're the boss try and use your power wisely. If you want more respect from us, give it first by rewarding us. Be fair as well.

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One of my friends woke up literally screaming one morning as she realized her thirtieth birthday was only a week away. Why was she screaming? What was she afraid of? Was it because she was growing up from girl into woman? Not just getting old, but of not having fulfilled her destiny - of not hooking up with a man, house and kids and the normal life she was supposed to have achieved by now. Of not having followed the voice she had internalized as a child: "Be a good little girl, do what little girls do and you will get the prize".

Even though, it is not easy for women to be powerful and stand on their own, in many ways, what is assume to be a man's world. Everyday women encounter negativity from those who are threatened by the steps that some women have taken. Despite the threats, some women have still made it, yet still most of them are acting like "girls" who are surrounded with the mentality of issue of helps from their supportive men. Women have changed enormously in the past decades, haven't they changed?

Certainly, the mature "progress" of women starts from their early forties to where plans are initiated to live a fulfilled dreams, from the close-knit-family fifties through the bra-burning sixties, the executive seventies, and have-it all eighties seems a fairly clear record of change. However, what, really, did women change? Preferably, nothing, just listening to orders from their lovers, husbands, bosses, fathers, or mothers: "Follow what I tell you to do and you'll be all right". From the kitchen to the bedroom to the boardroom, women have tried desperately to carry out someone else instructions. Women have allowed these instructions to be embossed on their psyches as if they are some genetic code, an inescapable recipe, a recipe you had no choice but to follow if you wanted to be all right.

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What these codes, these instructions, urged women to do was to turn over their lives, wills and thinking to someone or something other than themselves. Although, it is not a bad practice for women to be submissive to men as the Holy Bible instructs. The matter is not all about women following instructions and being all right in relationships, marriage, and so on but being 'happy' in what they find pleasure in doing. The ability of following instructions and being all right rather than listening to your own voice and being happy to the ability where superwomen had become super-exhausted in trusting themselves to the state where some women grow old instead of growing up is what feminine mistake is all about.

The feminine mistakes of women stems from the fact that in their early thirties to forties, parents will set course for them: not to easily give yourself up to men and they promised to "obey" them up until married, when they had promised to obey their yet to be husbands (fiance) too. They went from their bed at home to their fiance bed without ever understanding with the doctrine that if they do not marry early and procreate, their associative friends will be making fun of them. In their fifties, women become so dependent on their husbands; always asking for support to set up their business, buy certain necessities for themselves and so on.

Not that alone, in their sixties, many of them broke the restriction bonds. Sexual freedom, experimenting with alternative life-styles leveled with many old assumptions. However, many of them were so anxious to say yes that they forgot how to say no and ended up feeling lonely and unhappy, using their bodies as a way of breaking down the barriers that they later learned could truly be removed only through time and care. At their late seventies to eighties, most women are not satisfied with competing with men; now we had to have "everything". And it is clear that, the ideology of having everything has made superwomen to become super exhausted in life.

Obviously not every woman was affected equally by the trends in the neatly characterized decades described above, depending on their ages and backgrounds; they all have different experiences in acculturation. Even though, some women grow old others grow up. Some women worry, cry, complain and blame, others suffer in silence. But no woman who continues behaving in the same old ways grows up. She simply grows older. Feminine power is all about growing up.

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However, to step into your feminine power, women must generate energy. Feminists called the process of sensory bombardment in activating those parts of the mind that are not activated by everyday activity the generation of energy. Feminists perceived this step as the prerequisite for a "successful"-that is, effective and/or satisfying. By generating energy, women cultivate self-love and self-esteem. If your self-love and self-esteem are strong, you can bounce back from almost everything. Having a healthy self-esteem gives you a positive outlook in life and this is reflected in your performance on the job, in your relationships and in the way you live your life.

Also, women must nurture their divine connection. The purpose of this divine connection is to wake up the old mind in you, to put it to work. The old ones inside you, the collective consciousness, the many lives, the divine eternal parts, the senses and parts of the brain that have been ignored must be nurtured and listen to.

After a woman has experienced the generation of energy and has come to a higher consciousness (which interprets that experience as connecting with her own divinity), she will return to psychologically empowering herself. Women must encourage themselves to visualize themselves as one of the deity. The purpose of this practice is to imbue her with a sense of personal power and strength to live as a "whole" being. The ultimate goal, however, is to give her the courage to demand her rights in day-to-day private relationships and to be able to listen to her own voice.

Women can grow only from who and where they are right now. Denying your past and your experience, or refusing to look at the realities of your life by attempting to wrest yourself violently away from it, can't change who you are inside. Blindly changing your externals won't bring about lasting growth. Who you are inside determines the power you can step in to achieve your feminine power.

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