Last Wednesday I had lunch with God.

I didn’t know he was God at first. He appeared in the form of a man, dressed business casual, and acting like a wealth adviser. He wanted to meet to discuss some financial planning strategies and potential investments.

Sitting with him, he looked like anyone else at Central Market in South Austin. He was a gentle soul enjoying a smoothie. But what he said startled me.

“I have access to hundreds of millions of dollars,” he began. “The people who have this money want to invest in huge projects that require three million dollars or more.”

"Luxury is my comfort zone"
I listened. I had heard this kind of talk before. But I was about to hear a twist to it that made me feel goose bumps up and down my spine.

“These wealth angels want a project that makes a difference in people’s lives,” the man continued. “If you can put people to work, turn water into fuel, or anything else that’s considered humanitarian on a grand scale, they can make it happen.”

My mind recalled all the wild ideas I’ve ever had. I ran one or two by my lunch partner.

“That’s not big enough,” he said. “What do you believe in so strongly that you would give your life for it?”

Consider that: What do you believe in so strongly you would give your life for it?

I finally began to grasp what he was urging me to do: Think bigger than I’ve ever thought before.

I advise people to “Dare Something Worthy” and to imagine life with no restrictions. But I was apparently sitting with God, and He wanted me to think even bigger than that.

“If you’ve ever heard that money is no object,” he went on, “Now is the time to know it as reality. Money truly is no object.”

I let that sink in.

Money is no object.

Consider: What would you do if money were truly no object?

As I played with the possibilities arising in my mind, I remembered a blog post I wrote where I complained about the mainstream media. I said it was a negative programming machine and it caused most of the problems in the world. People watch it, absorb the distorted news angles, think the world is a mess, and then proceed to attract the very thing they fear through their fear.

Sitting on giant crystal maybe attracted God
For years people have wanted me to have my own television show. While that’s a great idea, I wondered what would be even better than that?

So I suggested someone create an Abundance Television Network as an alternative. Not just one show, but an entire network of uplifting programming.

It would air 24 hour news stories, reporting the facts, but framing it all in the positive. It would report on people doing heroic things. It would cover stories of inspiration. It would be the opposite of a catastrophe network: it would be a benestrophe network. “Benestrophe” meaning lots of good things happening at once.

So I told God about it.

“That’s a brilliant idea!” he said. “That’s the kind of visionary project my angels can get behind.”

God went on to advise me, “Don’t cut corners or settle for less than what you truly want. Create your vision and find out what you need to bring it into reality. Money is no object. There are no limitations. Miracles are possible. Anything goes. Get it clear in your mind. Then tell me.”

Miracles are possible.”

Whew. I left that lunch inspired with a grand vision.

I also began to take action. I have a few contacts in the television industry. I had been on Larry King Live and met the cofounder of CNN. I knew TV reporters, producers, and personalities. I reached out to them.

God advised me to write out my vision. I began it. The seeds of The Abundance TV Network have been planted and the vision is taking form.

I have no idea what I’m doing. But that’s what I once said when I got the idea to start Operation YES, a movement to end homelessness. By not worrying about “the how,” and by taking inspired action, and trusting the process, the pieces began to fall into place.

Besides, Mark Twain said ignorance plus confidence equals success. I figure I have those qualifications. I can do this.

What about you?

If God met with you for lunch today, and told you his angels had millions of dollars to invest in a vision of yours that could help others, but that it needed to be huge and noble and something you would die for, what would you describe?

Remember, money is no object.

No dream is too big.

Miracles are real.

God’s listening.

Ao Akua,


PS – What would you do if you had lunch with God and was told money is no object and no vision is too big? You never know, your idea could get aired on The Abundance Television Network – or something even better.

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