You've seen the man on Oprah and just about everything other popular talk TV show. Well here's what he has to say about health coaches:

"You're more likely to lose weight with a coach. If you don't deal with working on your relationship with food, nothing that's important in your life is going to change." -Dr. Mehmet Oz

AMEN! There's that factor of commitment. Working with a coach isn't about the commitment to the coach or even the coaching process. It's about committing to yourself and your goals. If you have an unhealthy relationship with food, you need to seek help. It may be an increasingly occuring phenomenon in our culture, but that doesn't make it healthy. That doesn't make it something we should strive for.

It doesn't matter if you're a size 0 or a size 10. The point here isn't about making you look like someone else's ideal. It's about getting healthy. It's about being able to socialize and live your life without a fear of food. It's about being able to go anywhere, do anything, and love every second of it because you love yourself and your body.

There's so much controversy about "eat this, not that" or lists of "the top 10 superfoods that will make you burn fat fast." But it's all bullsh*t. A friend of mine told me this morning that she believes healthy food is "food that makes you feel good." That means two things, ladies:

1) Food that nourishes your body and physically makes you feel good


2) Food that you love to eat! Food that emotionally fills you up.
And the big secret is: they don't have to be any different. You can love ice cream AND find a healthy option (that doesn't taste fake, like those diet ice cream bars). You can make your own at home or buy an organic version made with real, wholesome, fresh ingredients.

Does it really matter if chocolate is good for the heart? NO! We don't eat it to heal heart problems- we eat it 'cause it tastes good! If it happens to have the added benefit of doing something for your heart, super. If not, the chocolate still tastes good.

If you're interested in finding your way to a healthy relationship with food, let's talk. Trust me, I've run the whole gamut. Case in point: I was talking to a mom the other day. Her daughter's in residential treatment for an eating disorder. When I told her my story, it made her wicked happy. Why? Because I'm a recovered anorexic. In the middle of the conversation, my friend handed me a bite of who-knows-what and I ate it without even asking what it was, what was in it, or how many calories it had. You know how many people can say they've gotten that far? Not many. The truth is, many more people die from anorexia than fully recover from it.

I'm not saying you have an eating disorder if you have an unhealthy relationship with food. That's just my story. What's yours?

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