My Wife Is Never Happy No Matter What I Do: Wife Is Never Happy With Anything

My wife is always unhappy is a phrase that no married man wants to find himself thinking. Marriage is a committed partnership and what one partner feels will always have an impact on the other. It's emotionally challenging to live in a relationship where your partner is moody, distant or angry. Trying to help them feel better is no easy task unless you have some insight into what is causing them to feel the way they do. When it comes to your wife's unhappiness, it's important for you to try and determine what has caused her to reach this point and what, if anything, you can do to brighten her mood and improve your relationship. If you love her and you are devoted to the ongoing growth of your marriage, it's time for you to work on helping her feel better.

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Women are obviously unhappy for many reasons but within a marriage there are often some clues as to where her negative mood is coming from. If there has been an ongoing conflict between you and your wife she may be holding it inside her. She may be unable to let her resentment or sadness over the matter go and it's slowly eating away at her disposition. Think about what you two have been struggling over lately and what you can do, right now, to change it. Compromise will likely be part of the equation and although it may take more negotiation on your part, it's worth it if you get to reclaim the happy and content woman you married.

Some women fall into the pit of depression because they feel unfulfilled with their lives. You can often determine if this is what your wife is experiencing based on small clues in what she talks about. If she often says she wishes she would have pursued her career or she wonders what her life is about, she is struggling with her own identity as a woman. Talk to her about what it is that she'd enjoy doing for herself. It may be something as simple as taking a few night classes to chase a degree or maybe taking on a part time job. Whatever it is be as supportive as you can be. Helping her attain her goals and find her own identity again, outside of being a wife and a mother, can help you two feel closer again. All women want to know that their husbands believe in them.

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Sometimes we all need a little help finding out exactly what our spouses need from us. Over time, we can become blinded by our every day lives and repetitive schedules. In so much a way, that we forget what it was that first brought you together and what it was that kept your relationship hot. Many times, you get so used to each other, that you figure some of the more important things are a "given". But, let me be the first to tell you, although many things may seem like a "given", your spouse still needs reminding. Here's a short list you should go over for both the man and the women in the marriage.

If your a women whose having problems with your husband, then there may be many things you have neglected that have led up to this moment. Let's go over a few that can come into play:

- Are you meeting your husbands physical needs?

- Are you reminding them how you feel about them lovingly on a daily basis?

- Are you helping to boost his self esteem, confidence and self worth?

- Are you letting him know how much you appreciate him and all he contributes to the relationship?

- Do you make an effort to spend time with him

- Do you listen to him or lend your ear to all that may trouble him or please him?

- Do you plan or make efforts to attract him, entice him or make time to remind him how sexy you can be?

These are all examples of many things that you as a women may be neglecting in your marriage. Making an effort to improve some of these areas will go a long ways and might be just what you need to fix some of your marriage problems that may be directly effected by neglect in these areas.

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Now, if you're the man, there are many areas that are equally neglected and will cause many rifts in your marriage. Not only that, but they will add to many other problems in your marriage.

- Do you pay attention or "really" listen to what your wife is saying?

- Do you give intuitive feedback or do you just say "uh huh honey, uh huh" while letting it go in one ear and out the other?

- Do you "really" show your wife how much you love her? Simple things go a long way, like remembering something she likes, surprising her with flowers at work or planning an evening out of everything she likes, regardless of whether you truly enjoy it or not.

- Do you cuddle with her or show physical affection without intention of sex? Your wife may feel like the only way to get physical attention, has to come with sex attached to it. You'd be surprised how much of an issue this really is for most marriages, but it is. You should make special effort to give this attention, without any expectations.

- Do you express or show your concern for her, in every aspect whether it be a simple headache or something that has upset her?

- Do you take special note to make sure decisions are fair and balanced, that you let your wife share a sense of having an equal part in decision making in the relationship?

If you're the man, you may assume that it's hard to show your feelings or that you think you do already, but men really struggle with words or actions to show how they feel. It's up to the man to find new ways of expressing this that remain comfortable. One thing you don't want to do, is make it a chore or something that is obviously displeasing. You're wife can pick up on this, and although it may earn you an A for effort, not finding ways to express the way you feel that are comfortable to you will lead you back to the same spot. So experiment with all sorts of ways, so that you may find some things you can stick with.

At the end of the day, it's up to both the man and the women to make sure they're not neglecting areas in marriage that matter most. Just improving on some of these areas, may be all you need to save a troubled marriage. There are other things that will definitely help, but these areas should get you started.

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The biggest problem when you're trying to save your marriage alone is that it is easy to go desperate over this situation. When you see your marriage slipping away, you feel the urgent need to "do" something before it all falls apart. Unfortunately, in a desperate state of mind, all you can think of are desperate attempts; like begging your spouse for forgiveness.

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Clearly this is the wrong way to go, for many reasons. First, it makes your spouse, who is already fed up with the marriage; even more fed up with everything because of the added pressure you're applying. Second, and more importantly, this makes you look pathetic and "easy to have". What do I mean by that?

I mean that people always want what they can't have easily. When you are begging and show your spouse that you're willing to do anything in order to save your marriage; this makes you "easy to have, easy to get" in your spouse's eyes. You should do the opposite instead, and play for your spouse's psychology by acting elusive, and making yourself hard to get. It brings an amazing change in your spouse's attitude towards you - I have experienced this first-hand!

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If you are reading this, chances are that you are seeking help for your troubled marriage. The truth is that you are not alone. Troubled marriages are more commonplace these days than you ever imagined. Unfortunately most couples take too much time to realize their shortcomings and as a result the differences between them reach a point of no return.

The normal tendency for people who are seeking help to sort things out in a marriage is to run to a marriage counselor. But, there are things which can be done to put your marriage on the right track, even without the help of a third person. The only people who can help you with your marital problems is you and your spouse. If both of you decide to repair the marriage, you can.

One of the common but avoidable mistakes which most couples make is to stop communicating. They hold back their feelings from each other and the more they refrain from communicating, the wider the communication gap gets. And this could be dangerous for a marriage, in the long run.

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Therefore if you are seeking help for your troubled marriage, the first action step is to once again open the channels of communication. Remember communication can resolve several conflicts and differences of opinion in a relationship. Talk as much as you can with your spouse, and gradually creases even out.

You are of course committed to your marriage. But how often do you show it? When was the last time that you appreciated or showed sincere affection to your spouse? One area where you can provide help for your troubled marriage yourself is when you express your commitment and love for your spouse without mincing words. Next, both of you have to be equally committed to resolve the dispute areas as well as renew your pledge to keep the marriage going lovingly and not in a matter-of-fact way. It takes both hands to clap, remember?

Ultimately, it is up to both of you to repair the marriage and fill up the need gaps which are responsible in creating the distance. There is no force on earth which can divide the two of you, if you firmly resolve to stick to each other, no matter what happens. Finally, the truest help for your troubled marriage lie in the hands of the couple. If you want it sincerely, you can get it.

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