"Liu Rosen" Says :) Courage is the ability to face anything You Can Imagine). And what thing that you can imagine but you cannot do it? My Message To You Today:" Do now what you think that you can't do it "Be brave'' –Yes-"Be brave".

Is it not yet the time to acquires control your life and guide your boat to the port you want? I know when the pressure and requirements of life storm attack us we escape to the first port which give us the rescue from drowning and we don’t care whether this port is the last station or not. The only thing we want is the rescue and nothing except rescue but that’s enough.
To rescue yourself from drowning or drowning throughout your life in a continuity of attitudes and events ,that you forced to deal with cause you haven’t the ability to say "NO'' and taking the most courageous decisions in your life.
I know there are many pressures you can face it…like me and others…pressure and storms you can face it each day but think over on the words of "Robert Frost":( The best way to get out of difficulties is always through courage) and not to give up courage and be coward as you think.

Are you brave? "Be brave today"

And you ask me what I will gain from being brave? Ask your self first, what I have lost for not being brave? Do you lose your opportunity to study what you like and face the pressure of your parents upon you, or you lose your lover under pressure, or you lose your self when agreed to be in a job which doesn’t suitable for your abilities, or you lose age cause you still holding with traditional and customs that are vanished. Tell me what you have lost and I will till you what will you gain if you heard about my message and take the most courageous decision in your life. I don’t ask you to precipitate or to do steps are not carefully studied. I just ask you to type these decisions in a paper and schedule it to achieve it and then take an immediately action to get what you want from life. Now look at your self in the mirror what will you see? Is this the person you want?! And look around is this the life you wanted and deserve it?! If your answer is "YES" then don’t continue reading my message...In any way I wish you a good luck from my heart to the way you choose. And if your answer is NO and you don’t know the person you see in the mirror and you aren’t content with that around you, then come with me I will guide you to the road of courage.

Dear readers today (Be brave).

Making-decision begins through courageous.

From today take a decisions in every thing –YES-you may take the right decisions and you may not but at least you will recognize the wrong decisions and exclude them and begin to take the right decisions thus you will begin moving your life and start your journey with courage. I realize that stability and security life tempted for not change anything in your life. Its fine to be in the same functionality since 30 years and it doesn’t matter that you stay in the same house with the same furniture for many years and a complaint of an income barely face your needs and no harm from the way you think throughout your life, if you like that life I will not negotiate you but I will ask you, are you really happy?.
To try a new thing is what makes you get new results but the adherence with the same things will make you gain the same results throughout your life." Einstein" define madness as: He did the same things with expected different results. That courage and taking the simple risk and getting courageous decisions may expose your life to some failures and failure -YES- but it certainly will bring you more success and opening up more opportunities that it may convert your life from a normal life to a happier and enjoyable life full of happiness and there is unlimited choices, don’t you agree with me.

"Robin Sharma" says: (the really risk is life without a risk).

Strong your will.

you cant perform any of your decisions unless you have the will to achieve what you want and to face all the stress and oppositions which would stand in front of you and tells you are wrong, come back you may lose and you may not succeed, but to have this will you must have self confidence in your decisions. How you will gain this confidence? By training them ,whenever you completed a work and others become contrary with you and then you succeed ,at this time say to your self ( as always I am right) and whenever you failed in a work say to your self (what I have learned from failure to improve my following steps towards success).confidence is how to train your self for exercising the positive life and whenever we were confident and optimistic we will increase our efficiency in achieving success, thus strong your will and believe in your ability and capabilities and the positive way you think, you will be the most luckier one in life.

"Phyllis George" says: (some times you have to be filled with certainty and confidence in your steps).

Be enterprising..

The most important requirements of courage is initiative, initiative with working and achievement according to your goals and so control all your affaires with your hand, so don’t let an opportunity for conditions to lead you to work in accordance with the aims of others to form your self, and to force you to deal with things constantly emergency, As an example: if you want to reconcile your relationship with your wife or your children initiated deeds that show your good intentions and don’t wait for the other interventions in your family life, and if you want to be with your couple go to her father and ask him to marry his daughter before someone else come and marry her. And if you want to get privileges and up grade in your business, initiated with a unique project and view the new ideas that will up holding of a promotion. And if you want to increase your income initiated by work a new project and invite every one who want to subscribe with you to support your project, initiative is the necessary courage for the great person to continue to achieve success and to gain all their dreams.

Over come your fears.

You may have a failed experience with life and you don’t want to fail again, it doesn’t matter, wait in the waiting area and let all others pass first and took what they want, and you continue to wait and continue to show arguments and excuses it doesn’t matter to wait until death .Death doesn’t matter if you don’t want to live. Be brave stand in the row and overcome the past, and your imaginary fears that imprisoned by your dreams. It is time for courage its time for building your future and to get rid of locking up the past - its time to your success -.

A simple technique you can use to increase the character of courage. (Manufacture link)…

-Remember a past experience you were very brave.

- Make a link for this experience by putting your hand on your chin choose the link you want.

– when a position requires which needs a courage from you ,invoke the link till you feel the same emotions (feeling of courage) and when you reach the top feelings of courage leave the link and move toward your aim.

– Don’t think in the link after your feelings arrives to its summit ,only think of this position and feel how strong you can control on all thinks you can face it.

A last word for everyone who have lacks in courage (Be brave).

-Yes-Be brave it isn’t to late, start to become the person you want through your life. Ask for the life you want and you deserve it, Ask for your rights in life … your rights to achieve your dreams and make them reality, ask yourself to commitment what you want to achieve, ask all around you with support or silence and lack of criticism when it comes to your future and your life, yes ask for every thing is right for you.

"Ralph Waldo Emerson" says; don't let the current slopping you, make to your self a way and try to go) …

From today, be brave.

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