Little did I know as I was waiting for Kate to come to the phone, my life would dramatically change! As I sat at my desk, head phones on for the phone call, I prepared myself for the Life Line Session. I sipped on the glass of water that I had near by and wondered why I somehow knew that Kate could help me.

During my relaxing bath that morning, I had asked my guidance team a few questions. Why was I resisting Kate being my writing coach? She had mentioned it for the second time, the day before, and I felt this guard go up. I wanted to do the outline and the basics of this particular project that we are working on and have her fill in the details. After all, she is a writer. I just want to be….or do I? I was confused, because I had been shown many times, that I was going to be writing books and had even started a couple. I never finished them and my enthusiasm just slowly faded. Maybe it was because really, I just did not want to write?

My guidance team came through with the answer. I had been killed or punished in the past for writing “new thoughts” that would not be accepted by the society at that time. I had a vision of scurrying in the caves and trying to hide some scrolls. It was not safe and I had to be careful not to be caught. Where was this memory from? Was it me, hiding those scrolls? Yes I was told that it was.

I then realized that I did have a block to writing. It was not safe for me to write. This is where Kate comes in. She has been taught a method that can help get rid of blocks like this. I had called her first thing in the morning, after my bath, and booked a session with her. My words were, “The sooner the better!” We booked for the afternoon.

As I waited for Kate to come to the phone, I was remembering all the thoughts that led up to the call. I knew it was important. My whole body felt the urgency to get this session started.

In a few minutes, Kate came on and I started the recording of the call. She asked me what my intentions were for the call. Together we discussed it and decided on three things. They were to be able to write with ease and grace, to feel refreshed since I had been feeling tired this week and to further increase my intuitive abilities during sessions with my own clients.

She started her session with several questions. She went through a specific series of them. By using muscle testing to discover where and why I was holding resistance, she went through her chart. She seemed to be working in sections. The first part she said, is concerned with where blocks exist and what the source of them is. She could even show me that it was either physical, emotional, biochemical or spiritual. She then tested me to see where my body was storing the blocks and what protective mechanism I was using.

It was really quite revealing since she could pinpoint certain areas of my body where I was having problems. This really confirmed to me that this method must work. After all, she was on the phone and could not even see me. I am in Canada and she is in the United States. Wow! There really must be something phenomenal about the LifeLine sessions. I was amazed at the fact that there are so many more new modalities for helping people. I had previously, never even heard of this one!

At one part during the session, Kate had shown me an exercise, holding a mirror and she told me some things to say to myself. It was all about self love. Kate then continued and did her “thing” and told me that I was out of balance. She was being shown some things about me. As she started to share what it was, it was being confirmed by my own guidance team. I was also being shown that I was out of balance regarding love. This really puzzled me until they showed me in pictures and words what they meant.

In all things we need to give and to receive. I am a giver---give, give, give, then I stop . I cannot give anymore. I recover and then give, give, and give again until I have to stop! I was shown that I have to take that pause in order to receive. Give and then receive. Give and then receive. See? This is what keeps the flow of it all. This is balanced love!

At that point I shared all this with Kate and she told me that she was shown something very similar. Kate is also very intuitive which is such a great gift. People who use their spiritual gifts along with today’s modalities are very valuable.

Going along further in the session, Kate asked me about my passion and life purpose. This led to her finding more blocks. I could feel the block in my shoulders as a heavy burden. She continued with her investigation of it all and I was shown again by my guidance what it was all about.

I take my spirituality very seriously. It is a very sacred part of my life and basically it is my main passion. I use my spiritual gifts and my psychic gifts in order to help others, so naturally these gifts are very important to me. I take my work seriously because it affects other people’s lives so deeply. I am always on guard that I use wisdom in my work with clients. This is serious to me, hence the feeling of the weight of the world on my shoulders!

Kate then “did her thing” again and released that burden. It really must have worked because I did feel an instant difference in my shoulders.

The next part of what I was shown was really interesting and totally unexpected. Because of the extra preparations I was making, before seeing each of my clients, I was taking much more time than necessary. I was shown that many of my practices are no longer needed. My ceremonies that I love so much are not needed any longer. I do not need to have my crystals, my music and my other tools for connecting to Spirit. Because of this sacredness that I feel, I always wanted to make it very special. My tools did that for me.

I was shown that when I give these up that I would be more relaxed in my sessions and in my life. Everything would have more flow to it and I did not need to make everything perfect. It was perfect already just by my intention to be of service. My guidance team told me that I could use the tools, of course and enjoy them, but not to depend on them. I can connect with the spiritual side, very easily now anyway and it was just a habit that I had formed, not realizing the consequences. These practices kept me too serious and took me away from the fun loving part of what I do.

During the Divine Guidance sessions that I offer, I feel totally loved and supported. This is what I love to do. I connect to the spiritual side for others. It always helps them so much and it is very humbling for me to be the one that can be a vessel for them. I love it!

So with Kate’s help and her LifeLine session I learned three major things. The LifeLine sessions really work to disintegrate blocks and to heal what needs healing. I learned that I need to take the time to receive instead of just giving. Give, pause and receive. Give, pause and receive. In order to have more joy, I needed to give up some of my crutches, that I previously called “tools.” Knowing that I can connect instantly, without the tools, was an important step. Relaxing and trusting will allow the joy to flow more consistently.

I sincerely thank Kate Maxwell for helping me change my life today. I know that I will never be the same. In fact, this writing is just flowing for me. Wow! No more blocks!

(I have since found out that the official name of the session is LifeLine Technique™.
Kate Maxwell can be reached at )

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Reverend Barbara Marie enjoys the life purpose of assisting others in awakening and understanding their Spiritual Connection. She is successful in doing this by providing Divinely Inspired Services.

Reverend Barbara Marie is most passionate about spirituality and spiritual growth. Her own gifts, such as the Language of Light are used in all her services. She is in harmony with her Spiritual Team of Guides in all sessions and is able to assist her clients to connect more deeply with their own Guidance Team.

She is currently developing Trinity Hills Spiritual Awareness Center in Alberta, Canada which will provide more Divinely Inspired Services.

As The Rainbow Methods of Transformation comes through with simplicity and clarity, Reverend Barbara Marie will share it on her various websites and her new blog. and

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