The consumption of prescribed antibiotics has steadily elevated since their introduction as medicine from the 1940’s. Although antibiotics have saved many lives since then, their over-usage is having a detrimental effect to our general well being and our bodies capability to deal with infections and disease. With the increase of numbers of people taking antibiotics, the viruses and germs that they are designed to fight have begun evolving to become exceedingly resistant to the antibiotics. An increasing number of germs and “super-bugs” are being encountered in hospitals, germs that our our bodies and medication are unable to deal with. This has resulted in an increase of more people taking natural antibiotics.

A lot of the available natural antibiotics have been used for hundreds of years by different cultures all over the planet and their information has been passed down through the generations. From the aboriginal tribes of Australia to the Native Americans, natural cures and treatments which contain strong antibiotic qualities have been used to battle disease and infections.

Some products containing natural antibiotic properties can be found in the majority of our homes, however, most of us are unaware that we posses such highly effective natural elements within our reach. We hope increasingly more people will be aware of knowledge and use prescribed antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. The various natural antibiotics accessible to us and how they can be used is of important significance to everyone.

Most of us have garlic in our homes and use it on a daily basis for its fantastic flavor in our cooking. What many people don’t know is that garlic possesses eighty sulfur compounds which are acknowledged for their many beneficial health properties and their capability to fight infections. Garlic can be used to battle a wide variety of afflictions such as burns, cuts and lacerations. Garlic can even lower our cholesterol levels which can greatly benefit diminish the dangers of coronary heart disease.

People who suffer from pimples have been taking garlic as a natural defense to their ailment. Garlic is rubbed immediately on the skin with pimples and has been proved to be excellent in reducing the condition.

One of the most powerful sulfuric compounds in garlic and its foremost active compound is Allicin, which has similar properties to penicillin and has been used to treat bacterial and viral infections. Additionally, garlic will work quickly towards infections without any of the damaging side-effects of prescribed antibiotics.

Kelp is an algae, or sort of seaweed found in many seas of the world. Underwater kelp forests have been found to grow in all kinds of water temperatures and it adapts to the areas it lives in. Asian cultures have been utilizing kelp as part of their diet for hundreds of years and its health advantages are becoming more broadly recognized all through the medical profession as recent research have shown.

Vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E are found in Kelp and these vitamins are important for the metabolism of our bodies cells and blood vessels. However, it's the high amount of Iodine that can be present in Kelp that makes it really stand out as a natural antibiotic. Iodine allows our thyroid to function very efficiently, which keeps to control our body temperature and assist to keep our metabolism functioning properly.

Calcium and magnesium are necessary to maintain the strength of our bones and our muscle tissue functioning properly. Kelp has an abundance of Calcium and magnesium.

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In this article we have focused on solely two of the numerous pure antibiotics available. Garlic and kelp have many additional health benefits.

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