Before we start to understand the need of diamond dressing tools, let’s know what exactly a diamond tool is. A diamond tool is basically a cutting tool containing diamond grains that are fixed on its functional parts with the help of a bonding material or method. Generally, materials like corundum and silicon carbide are used as abrasives but use of diamond in their place provides many kind of advantages as diamond is a super hand material.

Diamond is the hardest material present on earth and thus it provides a higher level of strength, wear resistance and low friction coefficient in comparison to other abrasive materials.
Now, let’s discuss the uses and advantages of various diamond dressing tools. Firstly, diamond is used for making grinding tools that provide high grinding efficiency in low grinding force. It also facilitates high wear resistance due to which good grinding quality and precision is obtained. The materials developer through diamond particles are also long lasting and dressing period is also much longer as diamond does not vanish easily. All this leads to low processing cost for each work piece. There is a vast variety of diamond dressing tools available in the market that are involved in solving different purposes.

Multi point diamond dressers are specially designed to provide a constant and even wear for the entire life of that tool. They comprise several numbers of diamond rows that are very carefully selected and set by hand. Another tool category is the single point tool wherein the rows of diamond are equal to that of a traditional dressing tool. This type of tool can be reset several times that help to expose its new cutting points. Another popular category of diamond cutting tools is blade dresser. Blade dresser provides a robust and economical alternative to a single stone diamond chisel and they are mounted by various adjustable re-usable or fixed head holders.

There are also various table mounted PCD and impregnated dressing tools available in the market along with different Handi dressers. Various grinding firms also use the bonded dressers in their business. These bonded dressers are ergonomically designed tools used as a dressing medium for coarse grinding wheels. Rotary dressers also prove out to be a highly cost effective dressing tool. There are many more such diamond dressing tools available in the market that are divided into separate categories on the basis of their manufacturing methods and uses.

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