It has been a few weeks since you launched your product online and you are off to doing your PPC campaign already in order to direct more people to your sales page. Based on my personal experiences in promoting various products in different markets, it can absolutely be costly if you are not aware of the very basic search engine marketing tips.

PPC campaign can be costly because you only spend your money on campaigns that are not bringing in the results that you are expecting for your online business. And yes, sometimes even veteran online marketers have to be reminded of the basics in doing a successful PPC campaign. One of the foremost things that you ought to do is to monitor the performance of you pay per click ads.

Check out what particular keywords are getting more relevant clicks because they are most probably worth keeping. While those ads that seem to be dormant have to be aborted as soon as possible so that you will avoid paying for a PPC campaign that is ineffective. Furthermore, I would recommend that you devote a little bit of your time to track your traffic sources.

This will give you a clue as to where most of the bulk of your sales is coming from. This information may be a bit trivial to some marketers, but if you really want to maximize all information that you can get from a PPC campaign, then by all means make use of it.

For all it’s worth. A PPC campaign also needs to be tested from time to time. This is especially true if you have launched several different campaigns. Knowing and keeping those that deliver results is your main goal here. One mistake that many other marketers commit is the fact that after they have launched a PPC campaign, they fail to monitor it, to do some testing, and to tweak it when needed.

This I discourage you to do. If you are experimenting on a particular ad, you test it first. If the response from your target market is good, then you carry on with it. Testing will also help you determine which particular ad is getting a high click through rate. Any internet marketer knows that CTRs are very good basis on whether your prospective customers are interested in what you have to offer or they don’t simply care about it.

Be more active in your online marketing activities by taking the necessary steps to be better at what you do every time.

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The author of this article, Menno Spijkstra, is an underground Internet Marketer who has been successful in selling products online for many years. Let Menno Walk You Through Setting Up Your Own Google Adwords Account and Campaigns.