It is very strange when people say that they don’t have time to be happy and at the same time they get the time to be sad. It is shocking but is also true. Their pitiful affiance has nothing to do with adequate or inadequate time. It is all related to complaining as complaining is the reversal of happiness.

So try to defend yourself from the negativities as it is persistent like the common cold but is far more disturbing and damaging. The people who had got infected with the negative thoughts are internally damaged or destroyed. The people who have the negative thoughts become stimulating, sarcastic and unconcerned.

So the question arises that how can we defend ourselves against this disease. It is very simple as when we know the side effects of a disease we automatically restrain ourselves from getting involved in it. So here are few examples which will help us refrain from the negative thoughts.

1. The worst thing is complaining as complaining is like digging a hole for you. As the more we will complain the bigger will be the hole and more hard will be for us to come out of it. So try to avoid complaining and instead of complaining say something good.

2. A negative thought have a great impact on your life. As we can’t blame anyone for the problems of our lives and for the solutions. We have to solve the problems on our own and if you say that positive thinking does not work for you than for your information positive thinking does not work you have to work.

3. Negative thought brings failures for us. And failure causes the physical and mental stress. So a bad attitude not only brings failures to your life but is also accompanied by the weak immune system and a number of diseases.

4. The people with the negative thinking close all the doors of happiness and success that are approaching towards them and they are left with failures and sorrows.

5. The people who have negative thinking want that everyone and everything around them should act in the way in which they want which is not possible. So when their wishes are not fulfilled they become unhappy.

6. When we accuse ourselves and others we are just preparing ourselves for the failures and are creating self fulfilling prophecies.

7. If we have a negative thinking than the world around us will also be negative and we have to live in it at any cost. As if we awe the negative thinking we will complain about everything and in response we will have to face the rude attitude of the people.

8. The greatest effect of the negativities is that it sets up the mind of the victim. And the people start to believe that they can’t do anything and they had to rely on others for everything.

9. The other effect of negativities is that the effected people want each and everything but without doing and struggle which is against the fundamental laws of life. So they are not able to achieve anything.

10. The people with the negative thought are attracted by only those people who also have the negative thoughts and together they make a group of losers.

11. The stress which a person had to face with a negative attitude demolishes all the energy, motivation and focus of a person and than it is quite hard to get the success.

12. The people who neglect to change their negative attitude undergo abandon, depression and misery.

13. Apart from all this the people with the negative thought not only harm themselves but also harm the world with their thoughts.

The life of a person is like a boat with a motor and he is travelling in a sea but is not aware of the fact that he has a motor in the boat. Unless you will use the motor you are the captive of the sea and if you use the motor you can change the course of the sea. So the choice is all your s that how you want to lead your life.

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Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as well as your conscious mind.