There are various kinds of business models that suit according to the needs and demands of the market. One such business model is network marketing. This business model totally depends on a network of distributors for the growth and development of a business. Network marketing utilises three basic monetary strategies:

1- Recruiting
2- Building and management
3- Lead generation

There are also three different types of network marketing:
1- Single tier
2- Two tier
3- Multi-level

Let’s have a look at these three types in detail:

Single tier network marketing: This type of network marketing allows you to sign up for a company’s affiliate program. Thereby, you can sell that company’s services or products. You will not be needing the help of any other distributors. You will get payment direct from sales. Some affiliate programs pay you for driving traffic to the affiliate’s website. Pay-per-click and pay-per-lead affiliate programs are the major examples of single tier networking. Avon, one of the leading beauty products company, also uses single tier network marketing business model.

Two tier network marketing: As the name suggests, this type is definitely a bit different from single tier network marketing. It involves the recruitment process too. You get paid in the following ways:

1. Payment through direct sales and referred traffic made by distributors working under you.
2. Payment through direct sales made by you.
3. Payment through traffic driven by you.

Ken Envoy’s Site Sell is the example of two tier network marketing model.

Multi-level marketing: This distributing based marketing network consists multiple tiers. They allow you to make money by involving five or more tiers. You will gain a lot by recruiting others under you. Also, you may get incentives for recruitment. Amway and MAGNETIC Sponsoring are two of the leading examples of Multi-level marketing or MLM.

Advantages of hiring a network marketing consultant:

If you want to adopt network marketing as a business model then you must take the professional help of network marketing consultants. Following are the benefits that you will enjoy by hiring expert network marketing consultants:

Expertise and experience: The main aim of hiring network marketing consultants is to accomplish a specific skill set. Such consultants provide high level action plans to your business and help you implement and execute them at a rapid pace. They play crucial roles in supporting you with all the much needed business strategies.

Cost effective: Network marketing consultants enable you to see the immediate needs as well as future needs of your business. They help you realise the actual cost involved and prevents you from indulging in extravagance. Thus hiring network marketing consultants can be cost effective for your business.

True objectivity: As an owner of the business, you cannot focus on each and every issue related to the business. For instance, if you remain occupied in issues like software, then you will not be able to focus on major issues like goals and targets of your business.

Network marketing consultants enable you to focus on significant issues. They take care of other small issues objectively. They do not interfere in the political or personal prospects. These consultants are expert in analysing the situation and providing efficient solutions.

Latest knowledge: Network marketing consultants always stay updated about the changes in the market. They are always aware of the changes in business regulations, operations, and technical issues. Whenever you hire network marketing consultants, they provide you with latest solutions according to the current trend of the market. Their experience enables you to boost up your business.

Broad spectrum: Network marketing consultants always have a huge client base. They have a lot of ongoing projects at a particular time. They have an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies. The talented and professional network marketing consultants have expertise in various software development tools and techniques. Hiring expert network marketing consultants enable you to acquire all the required services and information at one platform.

If you want to set up your business on the basis of network marketing business model, then you must hire the best Network Marketing Consultants Company. They will take care of all the aspects of your network marketing business model and suggest you to adopt the efficient strategies and plans for accomplishing all your goals and targets.

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