You do not have to look much to receive unfavorable propaganda for the day. The media has come to be a "playhouse of sensationalism" to keep America right into the entitlement setting. We have to WAKE UP as well as take back our right to Free Enterprise Networking. In this Mega Internet Driven commerce we need to tap into the opposite as well as elements of Google, Yahoo and also MSN search engines.

There are so many intrigues of organizations and also individuals around waking up to the truth concerning the cartel based elite power centers manipulating our minds that we must begin to make use of the "power in take advantage of" to develop our systems of Networking in Free Enterprise.

As an example, if you search for the Associate Press on Google, it states they are a "non revenue" organization but when you check out their board of supervisors and the reach that they have you start to see parallels of what we see on the news and what is actual, favorable, energizing, just how can I change the world information. The Board of Directors for AP are around the US in numerous cities as well as are significant papers so it's quite easy to see the partnership and also cartelpress based info that we are set to see on our wire services daily.

Networking in Free Enterprise is the reverse of this mindset. Via My Space, Facebook, Twitter as well as many other socials media that spread so quickly we now need to open our minds to the power in this.

We can currently put together teams as well as factions within these companies and divide and overcome by each capability to make some actual positive change in our society. Big federal government, exclusive financial facilities, large pharmaceutical as well as medication based approaches have actually confirmed we have only put Americans right into more seclusion and that feeling of entitlement. In free enterprise networking, the power and modification agents exist within individuals and the power to network as well as construct centers for the usual good of individuals.

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