Neurotherapy treatment also called neuro feedback (NFB) EEG biofeedback, or brain wave training remains based on the ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy that has basis on the Vedic philosophy and principles. This takes into consideration the entirety of the body system along with the nerves, joints, muscles, blood, and lymphatic system.

Holistic healing method

The emphasis of this therapy is on augmenting the ability of the body to heal itself rather than using plenty of medicines that might in most cases have toxic side effects. This remains done by studying the status of the body through a series of tests and then bringing about changes in the dietary and lifestyle habits of the patient.

The body systems depend on the balance of the three humours – Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. Vata is the air element, Kapha is the water element, and Pitta is the bile or the fire element. Through this treatment, one undertakes the mission of bringing balance again to the body by suppressing or augmenting one or more of the elements.

Names differ according to the place

You have different names for this treatment. In north India, it goes by the name of Ladara while in the south, people call Kerali Massage. You can understand balance in this manner. When we have a disorder it must be a deficiency of some element. This may be blood. If it is, then there is some other place in the body where the blood is in excess. That is one aspect. The way to determine the imbalance forms another aspect. You can read about this in the Neurotherapy Books in Delhi and nearby places where they print them.  

The practitioner will locate the points of pain and determine the disease. This is because there are 16 points of pain around the navel and the hip. This pain or discomfort is the manifestation of the disease that the patient feels. By bringing relief to the pain, the patient will feel better. The aim of the treatment is to prolong this feeling of wellness through lifestyle changes.

The Neurotherapy practitioner is able to correlate the various points of pain and determine the reasons for the pain and way the blood is flowing. He is, therefore, able to make out the disease. Following this, he will attempt to rectify the pain. You see the simplest manifestation of the cure when you press any point below the navel say the legs, the pain in the hand will subside. This holds true the other way around too. So, you can cure a disease or bring feelings of well-being by doing the right thing.

Change in the points of pain

You can read the Neurotherapy books in Delhi how the pain points for two different people might be the same but their treatments differ. That means that the manifestation of the well being and pain is alike though they basically have different metabolisms. Also, the pain points of each person will shift around to a new point.

This makes this practice so different. You can read a discussion of the formulae used in determining the exact disease from the books. They restore the blood flow or nerve well-being and thereby restore the health.

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