There is no better time to visit New York because this Autumn the town will be teeming with stars, directors, and cinematic hangers-on drawn to the prestigious 49th New York Film Festival. To celebrate the event we’ve compiled our own top ten list of some of the best films set in Empire City.

The Warriors
Director Walter Hill

This super sized and super stylised action movie presents the city in a fictional future where conflicting gangs dominate the desolate streets, where New York attractions are run down and foreboding. Enjoy the absurd and exaggerated violent clashes between gang leaders in carefully styled anarchic apparel. An excellent New York based cult classic.

Dog Day Afternoon
Director - Sidney Lumet

This excellent crime film has become the template for many directors since it first received critical acclaim on its September 1975 release. It captures the cynicism and pessimism of the early 1970s, plus inspired direction by Lumet, and a blazing performance from Al Pacino make this a truly compelling film.

Midnight Cowboy
Director – John Schlesinger

The gripping and enigmatic performances of Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight as unlikely companions, struggling to survive on the seedy, harsh New York streets make this film the legend that it has become.

Gordon Parks

This Blaxploitation film with elements of film noir follows the movements of Private Dick John Shaft through Harlem and mob Italian neighbourhoods in search of a missing mobsters daughter. Isaac Hayes’ sound track album won a Grammy and is the perfect accompaniment to Richard Roundtree’s aplomb, attitude and gait!

Director – Woody Allen

One of the many excellent Woody Allen films set in his favourite city, it cleverly explores the comical neuroses and infidelities of Manhattan couples. The black and white cinematography of scenes shot in a variety of beautiful, and artsy New York locations make it the perfect viewing for fans of the city.

The French Connection
Director - William Friedkin

Two experienced narcotics NYPD detectives uncover a Marseille/New York drug smuggling cartel in this distinctive and realistically styled crime drama, with action scenes and awesome car chases shot on location throughout Brooklyn and New York.

Saturday Night Fever
John Badham

John Travolta rose to fame after his dazzling portrayal of Tony Manero, a Brooklyn paint store clerk who becomes a god on the dance floors of the 1970’s New York Disco sub-culture scene.

Director Matt Reeves

A video camera is recovered by the United State Department of Defense: this film is presented as the footage found inside the devise. The hand held style adds to the tension when a group of partying students are terrorized by a huge Jurassic monster that begins its trail of destruction by tearing the head off the Statue of Liberty.

The Naked City
Director – Jules Dassin

Dassin used hidden cameras to film much of this documentary film’s fascinating footage in an attempt to throw light on the
"eight million stories in the naked city." A ground-breaking film and one that shows the daily grind and brutality of the city that never sleeps.

Do the Right Thing
Director – Spike Lee

A riot breaks out in a Pizzeria in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, in the heart of this African American area. Spike Lee’s intelligent and insightful direction presents the perspectives of many of the characters involved and illuminates the inter-ethnic tensions that were at work in America at that time.

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