Many Indian nationals consider Hindi as their mother tongue. This is taken into consideration as the national language. There are several people who are speaking other languages as well. However, Hindi is spoken in a larger region. News is telecasted by various news channels in English. This cannot reach out to large number of people. As Hindi news is very much in demand in major parts of India, appreciation is given to it. They have started telecasting it few news slots in Hindi as well. Understanding anything in the mother tongue is very easy. Thus, this fact is not denied by various news channels as well. Jharkhand is a state that lies in the east of India. There Hindi is spoken by a majority of people. There are various newspapers in that area through which Jharkhand news is presented exclusively. The same is true in case of Haryana. The regional newspapers there provide Haryana news exclusively. One can access Himachal Pradesh news as well.

Hindi news has become a part and parcel of majority of Indian people. They can easily grasp the information better. They can get very well conversant with the Hindi language. The programs that are telecasted in this regional language can reach out to the rural people as well. They can get education as well. Many people in rural India will know only Hindi language. News of a particular region is presented in various types such as education, politics, culture and sports. This is presented in great detail. A person who resides in Jharkhand will have an eagerness to know what is happening in that area. The same is the case with other states as well. People from Haryana will like to know Haryana news. People from Himachal Pradesh will like to know about Himachal Pradesh News.

There has been a great demand for the local channels and news papers as they provide all the aspects of various events as well as the locality details. Hindi news editions are kept by some newspapers in spite of English newspapers being present. This fact is same in case of TV channels as well. Jharkhand news, Haryana news and Himachal Pradesh news is provided by various portals. However, national level news such as politics, sports and movie can also be obtained. There is a unity among the local people from rest of India when the national news will reach them. There is obviously lot of unity in diversity in India.

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