There are no limits on most things in life, except for the limits we put on ourselves with our beliefs.

Believe it or not, there is no limit to how happy you can be, how much money you can make, how many people you can help, how much love you can experience. If you believe that there is a limit on these and other things, then your belief is what is limiting you.

Limiting beliefs create our own internal ‘glass ceilings.’ If you are convinced that a certain income is all that is possible for you, what are the chances that you are earning more than that now?

Are you stopping yourself from reaching a wider range of people with your gifts and your love because you believe that you can only exist in a very small circle?

To limit is to restrict, restrain, and prevent from reaching higher and further. A limit is a wall, an obstacle, a barrier, or a boundary. Do you really want to spend your life restrained and restricted? And by your own thinking, at that!

If the only thing that is stopping you from experiencing unlimited success, happiness, and abundance is all in your mind- your thinking- it stands to reason that changing your thinking is a good idea.

Of course doing that is not as simple as it sounds. Changing long-held beliefs and reprogramming your thinking takes time, patience, and persistence. Any change also takes courage and a willingness to change.

Most people are too set in their ways, and too afraid of change to make the effort needed to rid themselves of their negative thinking and limiting beliefs. So they convince themselves that the limits they have placed on themselves really exist.

Breaking conditioning is a challenge, and we have conditioned our minds throughout our lives with notions of ‘possible and ‘impossible.' We need to reprogramme our minds to accept that we can enjoy a life with no limits.

Even animals are greatly affected by conditioning. It is said that if an elephant has been chained up for a period of time, and then the chains are removed the elephant will stay within the boundaries that the chain enforced. It cannot get rid of the memory of being restricted, and believes that there is no point in trying to ‘break free.’

Don’t be like that elephant. Make a decision to remove the invisible chains of your limiting beliefs, and once the chains are gone, accept and embrace your new, limitless existence.

There is a story that one way to trap a monkey is to put a jar of candies nearby. The monkey will put its hand into the jar to take a handful of candies, but then when its fist is full it can’t get its hand back out of the jar. The monkey is trapped by a handful of ‘goodies’ that it won’t even get to taste.

How many times do we act like that monkey, trapping ourselves in limiting situations by grabbing hold of seemingly desirable ‘rewards’ and refusing to let go- even when we cannot enjoy the ‘rewards’?

If a ‘desirable’ job is taking up most of your time, stressing you out, and giving you little or no satisfaction, maybe you need to consider letting go of the high salary and prestige in order to get your hand out of that jar and get your freedom back.

Believing that there is a limit to how much we can have in our lives is not logical. Is there any proof that it is impossible for you to make more money, to do work you love, to reach out to dozens of people rather than just a few?

If you are tired of staying trapped under the glass ceiling of your own making, decide to eliminate your limits.
Changing your beliefs can be done.

Affirmations are a powerful tool in making changes, and there is support to be found; both in online and physical networks. Look for mentors and try to surround yourself with people who are choosing to break free rather than those who are choosing to stay trapped.

Speed limits can be useful, but happiness limits are just plain silly. There are no limits in how great life can be, unless you choose to limit yourself. Everything you need is within you. Choose freedom and make the sky the limit (or don’t even stop there)!

Author's Bio: 

I'm Amanda Harvey, and for as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for personal development and empowerment. My focus has always been on making life as good as it can be, both for myself and others.

Early in my career, I expressed this focus through teaching ballroom dancing. I loved the way that it helped people come alive and take their minds off their everyday worries, as well as giving them confidence and bringing them joy.

After managing a dance studio in Sydney, Australia for a few years, my desire to experience more of the world started me on the journey of living abroad with my new husband (not so new anymore…. married 22 years in 2020).

Having completed my Masters Degree in Communications, my career developed as a coach and trainer with both individuals and companies. After several years in various parts of Europe, our wanderlust led us to Asia, and we have been living in Taiwan since just before the arrival of the first of our three children in 2004.

I ran a successful online life coaching business,, from 2010 to 2015. The work I did with people through the site, and the feedback I got was wonderful, but time constraints led me to close down the site in 2015. With the increased demand for in-person services for local clients, and the time I wanted to spend with my growing family, I followed my own advice: We can have it all, but not always all at once.

Fast forward to 2020 and I am now launching, my brand new site. With all the years of rich and varied experience, I am focusing on bringing to you the most valuable, specific and effective form of training that I have discovered. Mindset training zeroes in on the biggest factor that determines the success or failure of anything that we undertake, and I am so excited to work with people like you, who know that our lives can be as amazing as we want them to be. If we only decide to make it so.

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