Like every other industry, women have made their marks of excellence in the healthcare industry as well. With their positive outlook, determination, and compassionate approach, they have changed the face of the healthcare industry.

Keeping the spotlight intact on such prominent women, we set out on an endeavour to find Most Eminent Women Leaders in Healthcare, where we crossed our paths with Norina Alinta Gavan.

Norina is the CEO and Managing Director of Wörwag Pharma Romania, a pharmaceutical company that develops and sells biofactor preparations worldwide. 

In an interview with Insights Success a business magazine online, Norina shares her entrepreneurial journey, experiences, and her thoughts on the improvement in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

How do you envision on sustaining your competency in a cutthroat and volatile world of healthcare? What could be the future of the Pharmaceuticals’ companies?

I am optimistic about the future development of the pharmaceutical industry. All the players on this stage will need to adjust. Access has become the front and center topic for the pharmaceutical industry. The majority of Pharma companies now have explicit goals and commitments related to patient access at the executive level and in their mission statements. 

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