Oh yes, we hear it all the time-- “do your top priority first.” Or perhaps it is, “You must prioritize.” Or how about, “Set your priorities first and foremost.” So, what do you do when everything becomes a top priority? Relax, calm down, and take a deep breath. Bear in mind that not everything is of equal urgency and importance. We could, and we have to choose and decide which things are far more important. We should all learn to differentiate and distinguish the things that are of high importance and how to prioritize the things that we have to attend to.

Distinguishing which things are of top priority for the day would make you concentrate on what is truly important and in the process, it would lessen stress. Consider the consequences of doing an item at a later time. Also, ascertain the consequences of not doing an item. If you’re having a hard time establishing your priorities, you might want to ask help from other people. At home, a friend or your spouse might be glad to lend a helping hand in assisting you with resolving what is truly important and what must really be a priority. While at work, your fellow worker might be able to guide you with what is urgent.

If a boss or supervisor assigned you multiple tasks, ask your boss which ones are of top priority. And that’s why setting priorities is highly essential and why everybody tells you that you should set them because you cannot do it—no one else can do things all at once. Thus, once you’ve created your to-do list in whatever system you have set for yourself, you now have to ask yourself some questions. First ask, “What really should be done and accomplished this day?” You can then ask, “What could wait until another time?” You could also ask yourself, “What are the items on my list help me advance toward my objectives the most? Asking these questions would aid you in realizing what really is your top priority and what is not.

These questions would assist you go through the legions of things you have scheduled and set on your to-do list. But there is one more important thing that everyone must not forget as part of their list—and that’s to make yourself a top priority! You have to set some time for yourself-- this also consists of a myriad of stuff to keep you sane and healthy. Proper nutrition, relaxation, exercise and some stress minimizing activities need to be incorporated in your schedule. If you fail to prioritize yourself, sooner or later you would burn out and everything would have adverse effects.

While on airplanes, in case of emergency, they tell you to put on your emergency mask first, before helping other people. Therefore, while everything else is still not a top priority, you are. Treat yourself as such, and sort out which of your other activities or tasks requires your attention right away and you would be better in control of your time and especially your life.

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