Volatile stocks are like a double-edged sword. Some investors avoid them while others hunt for them because the volatility means larger price movements, thus more profits. Some of these stocks experience notable price movements on news announcements regarding their performance, especially during quarterly earnings reports. Here are some of the notable earnings coming up this week:

1.Levi Strauss & Co
The company's performance, especially in the last 12 months, indicates that its stock price has been quite volatile. For example, it reported $0.4 EPS in 1Q2020 and $-0.48 in 2Q2020, and $0.2 EPS by 4Q2020. Its current consensus estimates for the fiscal quarter ended February 21 is $0.25, notably higher than the $0.4 reported for the corresponding quarter in 2020.

2.Landec Corporation
Landec will release its earnings for the fiscal quarter ended February 2021 at the end of the trading session on April 7. The company’s stock has been quite volatile in the last 12 months. Its EPS in 2Q20 was $0.05, but it reported a net loss per share of $-0.11 in 3Q20. Five analysts have provided their predictions about the stock's EPS in the latest quarter, according to Zacks, and the consensus is $0.02.

3.MSC Industrial Direct
The company is scheduled to release its latest quarterly figures on April 7 for the fiscal quarter ended February 2021. MSC performance in the previous four quarters highlights a healthy level of volatility. Zacks Investment Research has compiled the estimates of 7 analysts that track MSC Industrial Direct, and their current consensus estimate for the stock's EPS is $1.01, while Yahoo Finance has been tracking 11 analysts whose consensus estimate is $1.02.

4.Schnitzer Steel Industries
Schnitzer was scheduled to release its latest earnings report for the latest quarterly figures on April 7. The company’s earnings history for the previous quarters highlights a volatile performance. It reported an EPS of $0.31 in 1Q20, $0.05 in the following quarter, $0.23 in 3Q20, and $0.57 in 4Q20. Only one analyst has provided an estimate at $0.99, making it one of the most notable earnings coming up.

5.Apogee Enterprises
Apogee will release its latest quarterly earnings for the quarter ended February 2021 on April 8. It will be a premarket release in which four analysts have submitted their EPS estimates, with the consensus coming in at $0.56. Apogee's upcoming quarterly report is one of the notable earnings this week, considering that the stock happens to be relatively volatile. To put it into perspective, the company reported an EPS of $0.51 in 1Q20, $0.15 in 2Q20, $0.73 in 3Q20, and $0.9 in 4Q20.

WD-40 will report its latest quarterly figures on April 8, for the quarter ended February 2021. According to Zacks consensus estimate based on two analysts' projections, the company's EPS for the latest quarter will be around $1.32. This means that analysts expect the company to report a profit less than the $1.72 EPS reported in the previous quarter.

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