Curly hair is often considered a bane among women because it's so difficult to manage. It turns frizzy faster and sometimes becomes impossible to comb. Curly hair had become almost synonymous with messy hair until Nubia Suarez, a master stylist and curl expert invented the revolutionary Rezo cut. With this super stylish cut, many curly hair women have already started embracing their natural beauty.

Rezo cut is a curl-cutting technique to give a dramatic transformation to the curls so that woman can flaunt them with pride. The cut focuses on even curls as well as length retention to maximize volume. It is done on dry curls. Rezo cut is quite different from Devacut which is another popular cut among curlies. While Devacut helps to frame the face, Rezo cut maintains an even length all around the head. It is compatible with all hair textures, unlike Devacut. This is because Devacut will give an uneven appearance once the hair is blown straight but this is not the case with Rezo. This innovative hair cut became the winner of the most beautiful curly hair cut in 2019.

Nubia Suarez spent 40 years honing her craft as a curl specialist. And now she is sharing her knowledge with like-minded people through Rezo academy. Top-notch hairdressers and stylists have attended her training sessions to learn the exact details of the revolutionary Rezo cut. Nubia Suarez is also a certified educator for curl-centric brands like DEVACurl and Ouidad. She wants to help professionals in the hair care industry by educating them on styling techniques for different hair textures. This is one topic that Suarez feels has been neglected and deserves more attention. Currently, Nubia Suarez is one of the prominent leaders in the beauty industry for her profound knowledge of hair textures and styling techniques.

To take her initiative to the next level, Nubia Suarez opened Utopia Salon & Day Spa in Westfield, New Jersey. Her salon has now become the ultimate destination for women who want to revive their love for curly and coily hair. This is evident from her Instagram account that has millions of followers praising hundreds of transformations that were made possible by the Rezo cut. The cut became an instant hit among her clients who loved the way it adds incredible volume to the hair while optimizing the body, balance, and shape. Following her history of success, she opened her Rezo salon in New York which is becoming increasingly popular.

Nubia Suarez had a humble start in the industry. She was driven by her curiosity to study different hair textures. This interest gradually developed into a passion and with the strong support of her parents, she was able to pursue it as a profession. Her in-depth knowledge has been the inspiration behind inventing the Rezo cut. It is a technique that brings curls to life and has become a craze among curlies and professionals alike.

To give back what she has got from the beauty industry in all these years, Suarez is sharing her knowledge with professionals to empower the industry. She aspires to help every curly hair woman around the world to rediscover her natural beauty.

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