Obie - a Really Fat Dog – Will liposuction help him?

Will liposuction help Obie, the world’s fattest wiener dog? Taking a look at this dog, you would wonder why he couldn’t go for lipo. However, he is obese and an obese dog like an obese human can definitely not go for a lipo. This five year old Dachshund weighs an astonishing 70 pounds. The obesity is a consequence of the dog’s original and aging owners pampering him with a whole lot of food. They found it difficult to say “no” to those innocent big brown eyes. The dog’s current owners however are on a mission to help it lose all the excess weight (they believe he should be 30 to 40 pounds) and people are pouring in with messages of support. Donations too are invited for the cause.

Why Liposuction is Not Weight Reduction Surgery

Whether for humans or animals, liposuction is an option to improve appearance but definitely not for weight loss. Liposuction is indeed popular the world over and rightly so. The procedure improves the appearance of many men and women by getting rid of stubborn fat and tightening sagging skin. However, the procedure (whether traditional or laser-aided) is not an option for weight loss.

In fact, the ideal candidates for the plastic surgery procedure should not be more than 25 pounds above their ideal weight. In addition, they should be of good physical and mental health, regular exercisers, have local pockets of fat which have not budged despite stringent exercise routines and dieting, and motivated to do away with those fat pockets for good. Not just that, after the liposuction surgery is over, it is necessary to continue observing a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen if the person wishes to enjoy long-lasting aesthetic outcomes.

Animals Too Have to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Obese dogs are equally at risk of serious health disorders just like obese humans. Some of the possible complications for really fat canines are Type 2 Diabetes, breathing difficulty, decreased liver function, heat intolerance, arthritis, reproductive problems, and decreased life span. Thus, it is essential for them to have a healthy diet and do exercise to avoid obesity. It is no wonder then there’s a lot of publicity to help Obie in his mission.

Once Obie has got rid of all the excess pounds, maybe a liposuction could be considered to tuck and tighten all that loose skin and to enhance his appearance. However for that, his owners will have to consult a veterinary plastic surgeon. Of course that’s only the second step. The important thing right now is for Obie to reach his ideal weight. Dr. Spero Theodorou, a leading plastic surgeon in New York met with the current owners and mentioned being available to advise a veterinary plastic surgeon if loose skin becomes an issue after Obie’s weight loss. The doctor offered his service gratis.

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