Pregnancy makes the most intimate moments for any person and you will be more at ease with a caring partner that understands it is your moment and does everything to ensure your child's safety. When you find an obstetrics & gynecology in Woodside expert, you guarantee the safety of your pregnancy by having someone on the other side of the line to listen to your pregnancy concerns. So, get yourself the best experts to watch over your child for some peace of mind.

What do you understand about obstetrics?

Any pregnant person visits a health center to get their pregnancy diagnosis. The visit often accompanies others that help women have a safe pregnancy and ultimately deliver during labor. Even after you deliver your child, you will need someone to watch over you. All these services fall under obstetrics which you will find essential whenever you are pregnant. The services to look out for whenever you are pregnant at Raveco Medical include:

  •         Vaginal delivery
  •         Genetic testing
  •         Care for your high-risk pregnancy
  •         Ultrasound services
  •         Cesarean deliveries
  •         Postpartum care
  •         Prenatal care
  •         Midwifery
  •         Prenatal ultrasounds
  •         Pre-pregnancy counseling

Obstetrics services begin as soon as you find out you are pregnant. The next step after this is to check-in at a health facility where you can make frequent visits to understand your pregnancy's health. These services continue until the day you get your bundle of joy, with the last checkup usually some weeks to delivery. The initial appointment often makes the most memorable part of the practice, as you will receive your due date and have a care plan that will guide you until the last day of your pregnancy.

Why do you need midwifery services?

Midwifery services are essential whenever you give birth. Your assigned mid-wife takes care of you during and after delivery. Additionally, midwives set the tone for you as a mother and give you most of the information you need to have a healthy baby. Essential questions you can ask a midwife include those of breastfeeding and the types of medical visits needed, especially after you have your child.

What issues do you need to know about prenatal care?

Prenatal refers to the period you first hear the good news about your pregnancy until you give birth. So, it is a nine-month period where you will get the best care for your growing fetus. The period helps your doctor detect heart rates, the gender of your child, and other medical issues of your child. You will also receive special care to check on issues such as gestational diabetes and any stress levels you may have to improve your health during pregnancy.

 Raveco Medical goes beyond your usual obstetrics care as it can give additional recommendations on the best diets to try out and exercises to make you fit as you await the arrival of your child.

Monitor your pregnancy with the best obstetrics services from Raveco Medical. Understand your child's health, your health, and those small things that matter when you have a session at the center. Begin your journey to motherhood by calling the center or making an online appointment. 

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