What is Odoo Functional Training?

Functional ERP training is a process that literates the users of Odoo software about its options and functionalities in detail. It helps them use the system in the absolute best method and helps them get the maximum out of Odoo ERP. The training is important to make sure that the users ( mostly the staff) are conscious of the Odoo functionalities and the way they need to be used accurately. For instance, if the gross sales staff doesn’t know the way to use CRM and gross sales modules, then the productiveness and operations effectivity would be the same as before. If everything would be the same even after ERP implementation, then what’s the point of implementing the ERP in your enterprise environment?

We assist our shoppers by providing Odoo functional training, our training methodology is easy, we conduct training classes department wise. For instance, we divide the Odoo functional training into 5 segments: Sales & CRM, Inventory, Purchase, Administration, and Human Resource. In the first session, we practice the sales people and provides them perception into the functionalities of CRM and sales modules, then transfer to the second session, where we train the warehouse team, and so on.

We provide online training, which might be conducted via various online communication means similar to Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. We interact with users by sharing our display and showing how the system works and what they need to do to avoid operational challenges.


An ERP implementation with out functional training is a whole mess. When you have no idea the way to use the ERP, then what’s the level of implementing it within the first place? Therefore, we offer our clients the user training services and it helps them save money and time as well as enhances effectivity and productiveness. The major reasons, why one ought to go for the functional training:

Enhances Business Productivity

The ultimate goal of implementing an ERP system is to boost the effectivity and productiveness of the organization. It might be achieved only when the enterprise will get functional training services after implementation. The training will help your staff to automate everyday operations, decrease the full time consumed on tasks, and it’ll additionally reduce the prices connected with explicit tasks. When your employees didn’t get the right training you will notice the precise opposite is occurring in your enterprise.

Prevents From Incurring Losses

As we know, ERP implementation costs you your money and time, merely put it’s important funding for any enterprise. Anyway, this funding will finally pay for itself, because the ERP implementation ensures the advance in productivity and profitability of the group. The user training will assist you to make full use of the ERP system and your investment won’t go to waste. When your employees will be capable of work on their tasks effectively, it’ll save their time they usually can spend more time on higher value tasks that immediately impact the organization’s progress.

Improves Precision of Work

When the workers get the proper Odoo ERP training and understand how the system works, it should make sure that they’re following the best process to finish their tasks. It will certainly enhance the accuracy within the work, additionally with the constant monitoring features the managers will know what worker is doing what, and if all the workers are on the right path or not, and so forth. Furthermore, the right training makes certain that everything is going on in a standardized method, from the exchange of data to the opposite work related functions.

Motivates Employees

While Odoo ERP implementation is seen as a ray of hope that may enhance efficiency and productiveness, it isn’t always seen as a good change by the organization’s employees. Once they get the best Odoo functional training, they’ll understand how the ERP implementation will help them ease their work. Also, sometimes employees think they can’t use the software as they’re handling tasks manually for so long. But once our Odoo consultants and Odoo Trainer provide the training, the workers will know that Odoo is a very easy to use solution.

Role Based Training

We provide our clients role based mostly training, it makes the training sessions simpler. Most of the time, clients think about where to start the training and how the training can be carried out successfully. Apagen Solutions provides excellent Odoo functional training to its clients by dividing the training periods into several segments. We concentrate on role based training, which implies, in one training session only a single department will take part. For example, in our first training session, we offer training to the administration department and assist them perceive the way to operate the system and outline user roles using the system


Apagen Solutions is well aware of the fact that the user will want training within the preliminary phase to understand the functionalities and features of the system. Also, we help them understand how Odoo ERP will help them reduce the workload and automate the tasks. The complete training will assist the clients to make use of Odoo to its full potential. Moreover, we provide the best remote training, merely put, we provide high notch virtual training to our clients.

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Business solution-centric Odoo Consultant and IT professional with about 11+ years of experience spanning Odoo delivery, Sales, pre-sales, Odoo product development, Odoo business consulting, outsourcing & ADM services in leadership positions.

• Has headed Practices for Enterprise Solutions ( SAP, Baan & Odoo )

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• Extensive experience in large program delivery & business process transformation consulting (Odoo Consultant) for multiple programs

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• Proven leadership skills with balanced focus on people, processes & technology

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• Worked as Process Heads of Marketing, Sales, Purchase, HR, ERP Project deliveries and also worked as Business Heads for many companies like IBM, JKT, Denave India, FCS and presently at Apagen