Are you living your life on Purpose? Or, are you simply living to get through each day?

You are created for a specific Purpose. This Purpose is to be lived out each day. One step taken each day towards fulfilling this Purpose. Earl Nightengale once defined success as "The progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal." Using this definition, I would submit that taking one step towards fulfilling your Purpose each day is that success we all seek in life.

You know your Purpose deep down inside. You may not realize it at this time. If, however, you search within yourself long enough, you will find it.

Your Purpose resonates with who you are and what your unique gifts and talents are. It is something that you want to do for the sheer pleasure of it. Taking a step towards this each day is wonderful delight, not a burdensome task.

Are you taking one step towards your sheer delight each day? If not what actions can you take to make that step today and each day from here on out?

What is Your Purpose in life? To answer that question, I would ask what is Your Passion? What is it that moves you? What is it that drives you to take action?

Your Purpose stems from Your Passion. Your Passion comes from that which inspires you or causes you to take action. For example: I sold insurance for 10 years. The last couple of years I focused on selling life insurance. The top sellers in my company always talked about having a passion to make sure that families had the right amount of insurance so that in the event of the unthinkable, the surviving family members would have enough to continue on with life. The to this was Passion. If a sales person did not have the passion to make sure that the family with whom s/he was meeting had the right amount of insurance, then no sale was made. If the sales person did have the passion to make sure the family was protected, then the sale was made and the family was protected. And in some cases, immediately following the sale, by a few days, one person did pass away. And the insurance monies were paid out. It didn't take away the pain, but it did make the transition easier since money was no longer a concern.

Passion to make sure the family was properly protected is what caused the sale to take place. Without Passion, nothing takes place.

What is Your Passion? What drives you to take action? It makes no difference if Your Passion is on your job or off your job. Find Your Passion and pursue it. This will lead to Your Purpose and to fulfillment in your life.

Live Today and Every Day On Purpose!

Your Purpose, Vision & Destiny Coach,
Andy Craig

Author's Bio: 

Andy Craig has 15+ years of self-development and leadership study under his belt. In 2006, he attended a leadership seminar that started him on his path to life coaching. After conversations with fellow students, he realized that he had a rare gift: the gift to inspire. Shortly after, Andy took on his first coaching client and saw a huge shift in him during their time working together. That was all it took to motivate him to help other people, pouring into their lives and seeing them understand who they are, what they are able to do, and discover their Purpose, Vision and Destiny in life.

Andy started Abundant Life Coaching with the intent of providing individuals and companies achieve the results they desire. (Open and honest communication is also high on his priority list!) A “glass half-full” kind of guy, Andy’s positive attitude and boundless energy permeates in everything he does. His Christian core values help him see the God-given potential that is within each person, and he strives to assist them in drawing it out.


Andy has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Speech in the Business Environment from the University of Washington. He has also done extensive training and studying through Klemmer & Assoc. His professional work includes 10+ years of sales and marketing in the auto, home and life insurance industries. He has also worked in the Direct Sales Industry, Home Improvement Industry, Automobile Industry, and multiple network marketing companies. Additionally, Andy speaks to audiences around the United States, and was recently the keynote speaker for the network marketing company Dream Tree Family.