A lot of times, it’s the boss the makes or breaks an employee’s decision to leave or stay in the company. He or she is that link that connects the worker to the organization. A link that’s weak or damaged can cause separation, prompting an employee to leave and seek better job opportunities and offers. Bosses can also nurture and help an employee to grow and reach his full potential, making him a valuable asset to the business.

Here are 6 things that a great boss does:

Sets clear expectations

A great boss knows how to prioritize, and how to effectively communicate those priorities with his employees. Setting clear expectations right from the start eliminates misunderstandings, and are often discussed in either an informal conversation about a specific issue, or a formal planning session.

Open and truthful

Communication is essential in any workplace, and it’s necessary for the boss to be good in it. Being open and truthful about a performance slipping, for instance, yet sensitive enough when doing so. A great boss also doesn’t cover the truth, such as when a team member is found to have had a positive result in a drug test . She resolves to do the best for her employee, while also protecting other team members as well as the company.

Recognizes and acknowledges efforts

Employees need to feel like they’re needed and that their work is appreciated. Humans thrive on recognition, it’s like the reinforcement they need in order to continue doing a good job. A great boss knows this, and not only acknowledges efforts, but also never tires of encouraging employees who may feel under-appreciated.

Sees each employee’s unique talents

A great boss is observant, and can usually figure out what each of his or her employees are great at. He or she knows how to tap into that talent to bring out that employee’s best work, which is a win-win situation for both the employee and the company or team.

Gives feedback and coaching

A great boss gives employee feedback whenever necessary, and not just during the formal performance review at the end of a quarter or a fiscal year. She calls out negative practices early on to try to contain it and gives time for the team member to change, while also gives positive reinforcing feedback to urge the team to continue doing their best. She sees the need for personal coaching in order to better improve each team player’s performance, while also letting her team learn for themselves.

Gets to know employees, and is inclusive

Some employees never even get to see their boss, but a great boss knows the importance of getting to know employees, and tries to get a better understanding of why an employee is the way she is. This makes the boss-employee relationship better, as the boss will know how to handle each and every employee.
Although it is true that some people are born with an innate sense of leadership, it takes discipline and experience to hone those traits. A great boss is the product of years of experience, skills, and knowledge on dealing with people. Are you one of those great bosses who inspire the workers you manage?

Author's Bio: 

Rafiq is a business entrepreneur based in London and contributes weekly at hulkusc