Ten years ago, distance learning education brought the concept of e-learning and online examination. Yes, it has been a decade since e-learning has been gaining popularity among students, professionals, and universities imparting distance learning programs.

But prominent questions that remain are what is online proctoring and how has it helped online exams not forgetting what is online exam proctoring service. So trying to answer these questions through this article –

Starting with the basics – what/who is an online proctor and what is the online proctored exam?

An online proctor is an individual who supervises the exam online through gadgets like laptop, web camera, and other modern-age gadgets. He or she is selected through a rigorous selection program that involves a background check along with other important related things like knowing about the red flags for the online exams.

Based on the definition of the online proctor, let’s understand what is the online proctored exam. An exam that is given online, proctored/supervised by a proctor through the internet it is an online proctored exam. While there are certain universities that provide online exam proctoring services, there are certain centers that offer online proctoring services.

However, with these centers, you need to know whether they will offer online proctor or not. If yes, then you don’t need to worry about the online proctor. But if the online testing centers are not offering the services of online proctors then you need to arrange one for yourself and hand over the details beforehand so that there is no confusion and hassle at the last minute.

Advantages of Online Proctored Exams

The concept of online proctored tests has ensured that students living in remote areas have access to higher education. Not forgetting the professionals who wish to advance their knowledge and skills can do so with the help of online proctored exams.

With online proctoring exam services, professionals can take the exams from the convenience of their office or even homes as long as they follow all the norms and regulations assigned by the online testing centers that include basic online proctored exams standard including – no pen, paper or any other gadget that may create suspicion in the minds of your online proctor.

Organizations that offer online proctoring exam services to students and professionals ensure that all the standard norms are followed to the T in addition to the rules set by the center. The entire rules and regulations are in place so as to ensure that the exams are conducted in the most unbiased environments and the results are not rigged. In most of the cases, proctors hired have no knowledge of the exam subject so that proctors are not able to help students with their answers.

And that’s another reason why online testing centers provide their own online proctors and the identity of the proctor is hidden from the students till it is the time for exam.

Considered as one of the cheating proof way of conducting exams, online proctored exams have gained acceptance from the entire learning community and will continue to do so in the near future as well.

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