A person will never forget radio, newspapers, pigeons and criers. They are common sources for spreading latest updates. A dramatic change has been undergone by these methods. The people are updated a lot about the latest events as well as the way in which they happen. These updates have the responsibility for the creation of new opinions. The lives of people can also be influenced to a great extent. it is right to say that great ease has been brought over for the common man due to advent of internet. He can be updated with all events from each and every corner of the world. Latest news is that which is very recent. There are various up to date information about all the recent global events. After any incident happens, the websites upload these details in hardly any time. News is distributed by the mainstream media in accordance with the standards of journalism. However, the hidden agenda of editors mar them. A biased news source should be read. However, there is no way of following the current events. union budget news is also provided. If a website is ideal, the presentation of news is in a way which is more ethical. News is mainly meant for the masses. It has to be accurate, without biases and hidden agendas. The era of new media will be brought forward. There are various news websites that feature not only latest news, but the bias is allowed to be filtered by the readers. The news articles are more accurate. The main intention is to take journalism to very high levels. However, instead of only just delivering the news, both sides are showcased by it. However, for getting the real story, several news sites should be read. There are various viewpoints that are contradicting. Online news helps a lot.

These websites allow a person to report the news in his own way. Moreover, viewpoints can be given on other stories of the people. When it comes to various facts in relation to politics, terrorism and self defense, a right for speaking out is given to all the citizens. They cannot depend only on biased opinions of media as well as other sources. It is important that people are having all the information about all the latest happenings. Later they can come up with their own decisions with regards to their own events. All these websites provide latest Union Budget news with all the perspectives that are possible. The entire picture of some particular events is given. One must not always have thoughts as the individual. A broader perspective should also be taken into consideration. Thus, it is important to read breaking news. People consider online news to be the best medium.

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