The frequency of blog posting is a topic of ongoing discussions within most blogging communities! Popular blogging tips typically encourage maintaining a high frequency of updates in order to get more traffic to your site! However these suggested posting habits are NOT necessarily suitable for every person responsible for creating content at their site! These are 'individuals' that are facing different circumstances and/or factors that must be considered of which here are 3 in particular!

Skill Sets

You may be a prolific writer in which case posting frequently will be a piece of cake. But if you fall more in line with the other 99% you need a little time to put together something worthy of putting your name on! When creating content one of your primary objectives is to get more traffic to your site however if your quality is lame what's the sense since readers will likely not return! Make an honest assessment of your own skills and based upon this develop a writing schedule with which you're comfortable!

Time Availability

Only you know the time you have available or are willing to devote to blogging! Once you have assessed your own writing skills in terms of the time you will need you now need to determine the time you have available! If you intend to only put in a part time effort obviously the frequency with which you update your site will not be as great! Creating content does take time the question is how much are you willing to invest! Do not expect to get full-time results from a part-time effort!

Adherence to Quality

Now let's address reader loyalty and your online reputation which will both be determined by the quality of what you post! Creating content of good quality typically takes more time than copying the work of another or even publishing rubbish! Always keep in mind however your name will be on what you wrote! Also remember the success of your blog will depend more on the quality you offer and not the quantity! In the end it's all about being realistic with the 'tools' and 'resources' you have available.

Determining what your blog posting frequency will be is more a personal choice than a matter of public opinion! Commonly most blogging tips encourage a frequent schedule of updating in order to get more traffic however these are not realistic suggestions for everyone! In the vast majority of cases the person responsible for creating content at varying sites has different circumstances they need to consider as discussed above. It would seem that as a blogger you would be wise to work with what you have therefore enabling yourself to maintain good quality content! In both the short and long run this quality will not only get more traffic to your site but also keep them coming back!

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