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Orthopedic doctor in pune.Visit The Knee Klinik for all your orthopedic needs. Dr. Anshu Sachdev is the leading joint replacement surgeon in pune.

The Knee Klinik hospital is the main healing center in Pune which have full time Consultants giving specific and propelled care in the region of Orthopedics - the branch of surgery which manages any damage or harm to the bones, joints, tendons, muscles or ligament. Our exceedingly experienced group has played out an enormous number of complex Orthopedic medical procedures.
Dr. Anshu S. R Sachdev is a Fellowship Trained Adult Joint Reconstruction & Arthroscopy Surgeon in Pune, India. He completed his Diploma in Orthopedic Surgery from Mumbai, DNB in orthopedic surgery from Pune and MNAMS from National Board, New Delhi. Dr. Sachdev has received training for Joint Replacement Surgery and Sports Injuries at some of the best Centers in Europe and Switzerland which includes Centre of Excellence for Joint Replacement Surgery (LKH, Austria) & Swiss Olympic Hospital (Switzerland). Dr. Sachdev's objective is to provide successful results by the use of advanced technology & latest operative techniques. He uses some of the most sophisticated methods to control pain and fasten post operative recovery.
Dr. Sachdev's Specialities
• Knee Replacement Surgery
• Hip Replacement
Sports Injuries & Arthroscopy
• Complex trauma & fracture management
• Deformity Corrections
• Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
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The Knee Klinik is the best doctor for all our Orthopedic needs.