A smooth flowing business is any business entity’s dream. Only efficient streamlining of business processes can ensure that desired smooth flow. Business administration is itself a chore, which often demands the full attention of your office staff. So, where can they fit in tasks such as medical record review? To tap the full potential of your medical-legal staff, and to enjoy flawless functioning of your practice, you need external support for non-core processes. This is the more economical way compared to recruiting dedicated staff for looking into tasks such as medical record review. Outsource your medical review tasks and benefit from streamlined functioning. Outsourcing must be to a reliable medical record review company.

How Dependable Medical Review Services Can Help in Streamlining

For a medical review company, managing medical records is the core process and so they have skilled and committed staff to take care of it. They will be highly trained in the profession; organizing voluminous medical records is not a difficult job for them. Usually, the medical review team comprises physicians and nurses who can easily comprehend difficult medical terminology and also decipher illegible handwriting in the case of handwritten notes. They provide the following customized services:

  • Medical record organization
  • Medical chronology
  • Medical case history and summary

A great advantage of having these professionals handling medical record review is that they can easily identify missing records if any, so that arrangements can be made for securing those. With the concise medical history and summary notes, and the accurate medical case chronology provided every aspect of a particular case is clearly visible to the legal/medical professional. When the office staff is relieved of the medical record review workload, they can focus on core activities and improve practice functioning and productivity.

Medical review services are also a great boon for insurance companies looking to settle scores of personal injury claims. Flawless medical review enables them to quickly identify the merits of a claim and take speedy decisions.

Other Value-added Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Customized medical record review solutions that are of the highest standard
  • Access to thoroughly professional medical reviewers
  • Support round the clock, as and when you require it
  • Competitive pricing with cost savings of 30 – 40%
  • HIPAA compliance, which ensures that all data entrusted is safe
  • Customized turnaround time; you can have the required reviews within the timeframe of your choice
  • Secure file transfer options to prevent any kind of data leak

Partnering with a competent medical record review company is surely beneficial. The selection should be made with great discretion to avoid liaisons that can prove harmful to your practice. Compare many providers and use your discretion to select a provider that is trustworthy and will prove to be an asset to your organization.

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