A saturation of cries for help from many friends and family who need my support to overcome adversity has setback my progress in many areas of my life right now. It seems many people are feeling overwhelmed---having relationship issues, work problems or plain general havoc in their lives. No one is immune to these situations. We all may feel as if the sky is falling and our world is collapsing at some point in our lives. Perhaps that is the time to listen to the complete healing messages provided to you by the universe.

Whenever there seems to be a disruptive force, I often look for answers. If you check astrological influences, there may appear some emotional distress called for in the heavens. Many planets could be exerting troubling aspects right now. At these times, perhaps the universe is sending us all a collective message.

Adversity Causes Us to Change Directions
What meaning might you glean from chaos? Sitting in meditation, the spirit sent me a response to my question—it sometimes takes adversity to get us to change directions and look at things from another perspective.

The world is changing right before your eyes. Every day you can read or hear news of something horrific happening on our planet. If may be a catastrophic weather event such as a hurricane or tsunami. There have been numerous geologic changes prevalent in the world, with the onset of devastating earthquakes and volcanoes. Man has even created ruinous situations such as oil spills and global warming.

As you look at either your personal situation or any global incident, there is one common thread. In order to correct the problems, change is usually needed. Therefore, although you may have been happy with the status quo, it appears your spirit and the universe may be driving you to look at your situation and determine if there is a more constructive way to live.

Break the Monotony
Living from day to day, without any challenge, is like driving on the same road for a long stretch of time. How many stories have you encountered about a person who fell asleep at the wheel because they became mesmerized with the monotony of the road? Anyone knows the rules for driving—do not just look forward, but also shift your eyes often, in order to be aware of all surroundings and possible threats. Therefore, it is helpful to break up the hypnotic effect of a static existence—pandemonium assists in creating a vibrant environment.

Face it, adversity causes you to look at your current situation from another perspective—one that is more beneficial to you. Therefore, chaos widens your perspective. It forces you to get out of your single rut of reality and look beyond the road on which you are travelling.

Work as a Team
Furthermore, have you ever noticed that when adversity hits, that we all react the same way? We try to fix the problem and make things better. When we look to our own individual devices, we may fall short. However, when we search for solutions as a team, drawing on the spirit of God within all of us, we are more often victorious.

There is a movie named Volcano featuring actors Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche that validates this point. The premise of the film is that a volcano erupts in present day Los Angeles. Tommy Lee Jones' character tries to tackle the job of stopping the damage alone. Indeed, he is a classic workaholic in the film, never wanting to relinquish any control. However, he learns that it would take the resources of many agencies to contain the flow and save lives. In the end, he surrenders his power and the crisis is handled effectively. Although everyone thought that their city or world would cease to exist, that was not the actuality.

You are Not Alone
Something more enlightening occurred in that movie—an observation from a small child at the end of the film. Ash had been raining down and pummeling the people within the city of Los Angeles throughout the film. The child makes the comment as he notices a group of many people, including both workers and injured. He says, "Look at their faces, they all look the same." The smoky gray ash had obscured the color of each person's skin and features—they all now looked the same. The child's statement allowed those around to reflect on the fact that they were all part of a whole community, and not separate.

Within moments of everyone's recognition of the child's profound observation, instead of volcanic ash dropping from the sky, rain began falling, washing away the dirty ash and clearing the skies. You can go on believing that you are alone or you can realize, that although each of your situations are different, you are "part of the whole and not separate." You are not the only one going through difficulty.

The universe is talking to you—it is time to come to this realization and change. You are not alone. Have the simple understanding of a child. You are connected to a higher power and through that spirit, are connected to everyone else. The adversity you may be experiencing is setting you up for something better—the chance to wash away the dirt of your past, to celebrate joyfully the happiness of being alive in the full love of God. You can overcome adversity by listening to the complete healing messages being delivered to you now. Once you do, you will understand that the sky is not falling. The skies will clear and the sun will continue to shine!

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