Are you still waiting for the chance to purchase that perfect house that you have always dreamt of owning? Well, if you live in the busy and ultra-modernized city of Singapore, your wait could just become a tad bit longer, unless you got plenty of money to splash around! The primary reason behind this is the fact that property prices have risen considerably in the last decade in Singapore owing to the impressive boom in the economy of the city. The place, however, is one of the best places in the world to live in with a vast range of exciting facilities available within arm’s reach.

On the other hand, if you do not have any strict issues with community life, living in a condominium might just be the thing you were so long waiting for. A luxury condominium is well within the budget of an average person, while it also offers exclusively luxurious amenities that are otherwise difficult and highly expensive to obtain. With a luxury condominium, you will be able to have facilities like swimming pools, fully-equipped gymnasiums, saunas and spas, lift services, parking spaces, etc. installing these facilities in your private house can cost you a lot of money, not to mention the heavy efforts and massive costs that go into their maintenance.

With a condominium, however, the costs of installation and maintenance are reduced substantially, while the manual efforts behind the processes are almost zero. Luxury condominiums like the North Park Residences Yishun Central come along with these facilities, and cost of installation is included in the price that you pay to purchase your unit. The advantage in this is that you will be the owner of a condominium unit along with several other people in the same building, and the total cost of the installation is distributed among all the owners. So, you are only paying a small portion of the entire cost. As for the maintenance charges, all owners of condominiums in the complex have to collectively pay for the maintenance.

Hence, you are paying way less money here as well! Moreover, the maintenance activities are conducted by hired professionals who are appointed to stand by on 24-hour cycles. This allows you to have maintenance activities conducted as soon as you encounter an issue. The maintenance staff also takes care of any issues that you may encounter with your electrical or toilet fittings. Hence, they are trained to repair and fix anything that you might need to fix. Condominium complexes also have their own private generators, which mean that even if there is a major power breakdown in the city, you will still have electricity in your unit. There are a number of other facilities that you have on offer with a condominium lifestyle.

Hence, if you have the feeling that living in a condominium would be a great form of lifestyle for your family, do hurry and check the latest new launch condominium Yishun in order to gift your family a beautiful home in the form of a luxury condominium in one of the finest cities in the world.

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Maryann Wilson has been a part of the real estate industry of Singapore for more than a decade, and has been working closely with new launch condominium Yishun for some time. She has been aiding new investors make smart purchases in the North Park Residences Yishun Central.