I have been asked what I think about the Paleo Diet?

Here is my answer to YOU:

I haven't gone into the Paleo diet extensively, I think that is because that I don't necessarily agree with diets:

I definitely don't believe that one size fits all. Over my 26 plus years of practicing as a Naturopathic Practitioner many of my clients become quite distressed and confused about what foods to eat.

People often have individual cultural preferences, this needs to be taken into place when working with people regarding their dietary needs.

I like some of the Paleo principles regarding going back to basics whereby we eliminate processed foods and only eat fresh foods directly from the land.
This has always been my first step from doing this I have had my clients then going from eating packaged foods to going to the markets to buy fresh produce, that is a huge step for many. I encourage my clients to be mindful of what they eat - http://julieshealthcare.com.au/services/mindful-nutrition/

It is important to take notice of how you and your tummy feels after eating specific foods.
I do encourage my clients to have lean cuts of meat not including the animal fat because after discussing this with many heart surgeons this is a major problem along with trans fats as to heart disease and blocked arteries.

I have found that by discussing the pros and cons of foods is the best way to make a conscious decision as to what will work best.
This then gives my clients the opportunity to put into place a healthy balanced diet that suites them and their lifestyle.
As for the brain: Fish oil, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds and green vegetables will protect the brain without bringing harm elsewhere.
I believe with diet there are some very basic rules but it all boils down to Fresh food is best: 70% of our daily intake being Vegetables, 5 - 10% fruit, 10 - 15% Animal protein limiting red meat to 2 - 3 times per week alternate days, Fish ( if people don't like fish then maybe just a couple of vegetarian meals with beans), and a couple of meals of chicken.
I have found that for most of my clients this works really well without too many dramas and they basically design their own eating regime.

For more individual situations here is some suggestions for you to consider - http://juliedoherty.net/category/nutrition/

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