Negligence of parking garage maintenance can result in huge consequences. Since most facility managers are busy people, they do not keep parking inspection on the top of their to-do-list. This not only creates a safety risk for the entire facility but also makes a negative feedback that could affect the building reputation.

Investing in an excellent parking garage inspection service is a great way to ensure proper care and maintenance of your parking property. They do thorough inspection of your parking property to determine if there are any requirements to ensure cleaning, maintenance, and safety measures. Also, they are handy for parking garage owners to make sure that their property passes the benchmarks of local and annual inspections.

A garage inspection checklist can consists of these possible measures such as:

• Entrance and exist features well maintained and free of obstacles and accordance with the state regulation
• Tire deflation devices are properly marked and well maintained.
• Entry protection is available in healthy condition.
• Good cleaning and maintenance is retained throughout the facility.
• Fire and traffic lanes are away from vehicles and other possible obstacles.
• Traffic signs are well placed and clearly visible.
• Each area in the parking garage including walks is well-lit all the time.

Here is why regular garage inspection is crucial to be held.

Debris Accumulation
Dirty parking garages can be a menace as grit, sand and other waste products regularly gather on the surface. This wreckage can cause accidents to both vehicles and amblers, holding the owners or managers legally responsible. The best parking garage inspection service helps you combat against the damaging influences of rusts, dirt and hazardous debris. Also, it enables you to identify when your parking lot needs to be power-swept, pressure-washed, and power-scrubbed to meet the cleaning standards.

Sealing Agents and Pavement Markings
Salt and sand used to melt ice and snow during winters is another threat for parking garage maintenance. This could hide and wear out pavement markings hence create visibility risks. As the wind speeds up, extra sand can cause health risks for those who suffer from various allergies. Moreover, different wreckage and debris cause slipping and falling injuries to walkers. Vehicles constantly driving over the surface bring along the dust and grit which slowly grind the pavement, causing quick deterioration of roadway and sealing agents. A proper garage inspection helps you determine when there is a need of cleaning and flushing floor drain and drain pipes in the facility in order to flush down these pollutants safely.

Inspection Requirements
The frequency of garage inspection usually depends on your findings, usage, weather conditions, and adjacent risks as well as the sorts of repairs needed. Inspection services can be helpful with customizing your facility according to parking space facility regulations and creates a useful parking lot inspection checklist to help you learn the indicators to look for.

A broken curb, damaged gates, dirty surface or inadequate lights in a parking facility can cause an obligation for your organization. A regular inspection not only helps a property be well-maintained and increase its attraction but also saves on penalties that can ruin their reputation. Similarly, it is also handy to lengthen the lifespan of the surface and save money from costly repairing bills on the facility.

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