Very little can cause more alarm in a man than discovering a lump or bump on his penis or scrotum. The first thought on his mind may be that he is suffering from a sexually transmitted disease (STD). While an unusual bump may indicate something more serious, it is also possible that a bump is just a bump.

In addition to conducting regular self-exams of the genital area to monitor changes, it is important for men to exercise proper penis care and seek medical attention when issues are present.. There are some cases when a bump is harmless and requires no treatment, so if the symptoms described below sound familiar, a sigh of relief may be in order. However, as with any health issue that pops up out of the ordinary, when in doubt, check it out. If suspicious lumps and bumps appear in an individual who has recently engaged in unprotected sex, changed sexual partners, engaged in intercourse with a partner who has been previously exposed to an STD, or is experiencing severe pain with their condition, all signs suggest they be checked out by their MD right away. Always err on the side of caution, as it is far better to have the doctor rule out a bump as harmless, than to not receive treatment when it is needed.

When bumps are harmless

There are several conditions of the male genitalia which are perfectly normal, and could affect virtually any man, sexually active or not. Paying attention to the size, color, and shape of the lump can help determine if it is cause for concern or not.

1) Angiokertomas. This condition will present as small red or blueish spots with a thick, wart-like appearance. They can be found on the glans, shaft or scrotum. Though they are most commonly found on the scrotum of elderly men, they can afflict younger men as well. Angiokertomas are not infectious and do not require treatment.

2) Cyst. Cysts are small nodules, about the size of a pea, and are found on the scrotum. They may be filled with a cheesy or chalky substance and can present a single or multiple bumps. They do not require treatment, though some men may have them surgically removed out of comfort, or for cosmetic reasons.

3) Hair follicles. Hair follicles are more prominent on some individuals than on others. They have the appearance of several tiny, unformed nodules beneath the skin of the scrotum and at the base of the shaft of the penis. Occasionally, one may become infected as an ingrown hair and take on the appearance of a pimple-like bump that may also be filled with white pus. This is no cause for concern, and the bump should resolve itself in several days.

4) Angiofibromas. Also known as pearly penile papules, these small dome-shaped or jagged bumps appear around the head of the penis. A relatively common ailment, occurring in 10-20% of all men, they are more likely to afflict uncircumcised men than those who are circumcised. These penis bumps are not infectious and do not require medical treatment.

5) Psoriasis. Psoriasis appears as a red patch with a well-defined border, it may have a scaly or smooth texture. Psoriasis can result from friction during masturbation or sexual intercourse. It may require treatment with a steroid cream to fully clear up, but it is not an infections condition.

6) Lichen Planus. These tiny pink bumps are often shiny in nature and appear on the glans. Typically, they form a ring or a line shape and have very fine scales, though sometimes they are smooth. Lichen planus may or may not be itchy. The condition may result in similar lesions on other areas of the body such as the wrists and shins, but they are not harmful or infectious. Most cases of lichen planus resolve within a year on their own, but the condition also responds to medical treatment.

Maintaining penis health

While many of these conditions can appear out of nowhere and tend to resolve on their own, there are steps to be taken to maintain overall penis health. A high-quality penis vitamin crème (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vital nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants can help improve the health of the penis. Using the crème daily may help the appearance and health of the penis skin and be soothing to minor irritations caused by common penis ailments.

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