I want to discuss briefly the difference between perception and projection because this is something that people sometimes get mixed up.

It is important to understand that when and as we access our memories, we change them because we ourselves change. For example, if you have a memory from when you are 6 about a specific incident, and at age 25 you access that same memory, you change it and it will be different because you are no longer looking at it as a 6 year old, but rather as a 25 year old adult. This is perception and it also explains how two people who share a “memory” or an incident can have a totally different perception about it.

It is also important to realize that our reality is different at different times because our reality (the way we see and view our life) is based on our perceptions; and our perceptions change depending on how we feel physically and what is going on emotionally at that precise moment.

Since memories are electrical energy and stored in the subconscious, you can deliberately change the energy that surrounds your body and cells by consciously taking control and changing a thought or a memory. So, basically that is perception and it is important to know that you can take control and change your perception any time you choose.

Projection, however, is something a bit different.
Psychological projection or what is sometimes referred to as projection bias is the unconscious/subconscious act of denial. It is when a person's thoughts, feelings, even their weaknesses are blamed on the outside world, including the weather, government, even other people. In essence, you project onto someone or something else your own thoughts, feelings, weaknesses or failures.

Projection is considered one of the most profound and subtle of human psychological processes, and extremely difficult to work with, because by its nature it is hidden. It is the fundamental mechanism by which we keep ourselves uninformed about ourselves. However, with the aid of hypnosis, opening the doors to our unconscious/subconscious becomes much easier.

This is not something that we attempt to force onto ourselves. It is a process that we can encourage and allow to occur in its own time with the gentle, naturally healing process of hypnosis. You can trust in your own subconscious to reveal to you information when you are ready to see it and then release what has been holding you back, blocking your success, thwarting your goals or just generally screwing up your life.

I did a series of workshops here at Motivational Whisperers, and they were an amazing event. Almost six hours of lecturing, imagery and hypnosis spread over four separate workshops each focusing on burning away a particular negative emotion.

I’ve recently learned that it is these negative emotions that we carry around with us day in and day out that are responsible for the stress we all also experience regularly. And, it is that stress and these emotions that cause our bodies to release cortisol into our systems. I’ve known about the harmful effect of cortisol on our bodies (high blood pressure, coronary disease, even cancer), but what I didn’t know is that cortisol is one of the contributing factors in belly fat. Not the belly fat that is just a cosmetic nuisance, but the deep belly fat that is a symptom of bad things happening to our bodies and our health.

One of the best known ways of reducing cortisol is relaxation. I don’t mean the relaxation of taking a nap or sitting down with a cup of tea, I mean the deep relaxation that we can only reach when using meditation, visual imagery or hypnosis. I’ve got a free sample short hypnosis session on my site for you to try. Please feel free to use it as often as you’d like and perhaps start the process of healing from the inside out today.

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Linda Simmon, C.Ht., is a highly sought after consultant, hypnotherapist, life coach, and speaker. After over 25 years of being a paralegal, she decided it was time to take a new direction with her life. A graduate of The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited school for hypnotherapy in the United States and the creator of New Beginnings, Linda is now dedicated to helping people everywhere get a new beginning by helping them break through barriers that are holding them back and helping them transform their lives. For more information on Linda, her CD's, articles, downloadable sessions, E-book, newsletters and telephone sessions, visit www.newhypnotherapy.com